Know the Show - July 20th, 2018

Friday, July 20th


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Right now I have three questions pertaining to our show. I'm starting at 7 o'clock this morning and if you can answer all three right. You will be in the pit tonight from Brad Paisley but if you miss a question we got to move on to the next person. So first are gonna go to bat in points or it's John Jimmy in the morning I guess it when John had to leave. Before family funeral so he's not here. But I think I can do the quiz just find it. Hi Geoff how are you. Tried man I tolerate you take notes this morning. Now. Well alright awesome let's see how well you know Michelle okay about. Are question number one I just mentioned that John had to take off to go to west family funeral to celebrate the life of his into what is her name. And all right sorry ma'am we. Mind at all RA shot as in C and C good morning show on us every morning and sorry let's see how well you know the show honey. All right John's after the funeral in Chicago freezing into what is her name. Hoops were. Java busy in the our original. Olympic Medal count before my mother and watch it Covert RA or not that's critical of Barbara you know you don't sheltered girl all right Sean and how many. Questions did Robert Dick writes in Jamie's college of Hollywood knowledge today. The maybe you know the answer to this third question you'll be in the pit tonight for Brett is leaking brown opening up are you ready. Alright Shana. Who did Jessica's friend 'cause play as at comic con. Who we she dressed up bats. And talk tricks ever forty. I know I heard or talked about it that the girl has spent about a dollar on yeah. The. I like making yes. Remain high ranking sorry sir I'm Bahrain mall and so close. All right Cheryl and alcohol good morning Sharyl. All right so we start with question number one what's transients name. Hamid rather get right today in the college of Hollywood knowledge but here. And hooted Jessica's friend 'cause play as a comic con when she talked tour. And in campus art but I Manning get. Like that Wonder Woman. It was nice. Won't marry on all right so we'll move on the American point Loma this third questions are tough when but it was sad. And it was actually talked about because John didn't know who their character west all right Eric question number one what's on the its name. Aunt and her ex culminated Robert you're right the college. In the Euro are in air recorded Jessica's friend house plans at comic con. Is it captain as mullah. Eric you're gonna be in the pit a nice when Brad Paisley came brown is opening up how excited are you. And so that. You are welcome Erik and hopefully the chance to see you tonight have a great time at this okay.