Know The Show - April 25th, 2018

Wednesday, April 25th


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All right let's do this 8332871037. John and Tammy in the morning we're mister Jordan Davis singles you up time for another show quiz. Looking forward to advance. I'll organize states is Camille Little bit cooler and I'll look pearl on the upper sixties coast mid to upper seventies and our three questions based on today's show since 7 o'clock this morning I get all three right you have qualified one of five qualifiers to a Napa Valley as he Carrie Underwood. And so many other artists as well Leo vineyard goes country. Wine tasting as an exclusive events and you can only. Get to there are winning with John and Tammy 137 KS ON. All right so first of all we're gonna go to tonic in the Vista good morning Tom. Good morning route is take your quizzed. I I'm ready ordered it right on time eagle three for three you've qualified to get some money from memo if not we move onto our next contestant who's waiting for you. To not succeed so good luck to you okay. Anke is musket dying a wine and a real old. Or fake stagecoach artist. I. Not real. And sorry Tom we got to move on that's right we go to Nancy Ann and Sydney this tiny SE raids take your quest for knowledge show. I am alright Nancy is muskie died in whiny real or fake. Stagecoach artist. They are real artists. I'm gonna help you with that my guessing wrong but it doesn't matter you don't number two. How much was the check that Garth Brooks made out to the song writer whose song he had to dump on one of his records. But over specific amount. And are now. It's 101000 dollars she seems very sure of herself she should be a scar. All right man CNN city this beautiful and skinny as you get to what history. You get this next one right you are going to go at least bad mow the yourself some beverages. Fifty bucks to spend hopefully to Napa will give that way I am Friday morning you ready for this. I read it. What specific. Type of music. Do I accuse Tammy of heeding this morning. We area. And let me I don't really eight Mary Nazi music world besides Kennedy aides Mary out she music that is. That anyone under is yeah you're. We nicely done Nancy. Did you this year to curb the rate my god you are your clubbing at the multilingual healer over there I thought. I'm the NC we're gonna give you fifty dollars to spend that bet Mo when you're out qualify program applies fire away grand prize we have rage does the word. We have been the demos morning. Grand prize quite a ways to live in the bigger ghost country in Napa Valley. You don't know parent Friday. Morning we get there a way it was for him to work qualifiers to go we know the show tomorrow already forty. Friday at forty and then right after that giveaway that trip it's a beautiful trip. Again congratulations Nancy thank you for bearing with us this morning you've got all three questions are right you know fun to the next round would John or Jimmy or 37 gay as though I've.