Know The Show - April 23rd, 2018

Monday, April 23rd


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All right let's get you qualified to win that you can map alive to see among many artists carry onto a private show you can't buy tickets this what you can go. Courtesy of Jon and Jimmy of one of 370 SO and yet if you know the show everyone who qualifies it's fifty dollars to spend at that mall tour. And if you are the winner there's going to be one at the end of the week you'll get your transportation to nap you have this. Private it's exclusive concert with Carrie Underwood and more this is a once in a lifetime thing you can't buy tickets this. You can only win and that includes wine tasting puts a little tells me super Ross and again here's the deal three questions based on things he talked about since 7 o'clock this morning some as recently as the last break. And you get all three questions right here move along if we can't get all three out of view we must move onto the next person in line for legal right off of that Eva in Escondido good morning Eva. Get more room. All right he just be a nice allowed and that is because you're being quiet because it like it suddenly went into I have to tell most of them belong to commission staff. Hula there you go house much so here we go number one get this right even get all three write your qualified to go to Napa best of luck to you about. How many Lego bricks hold old are used in the New Castle hotel here illegally and resort California. Thirty million. Herrera who. Ideally you'd be so far so good here we go evo which male. He SON artists. Saying the National Anthem this morning. It is Brian. All right Eva in this cameo. Right off the bat this morning you have been paying attention you wanna go to Napa if you get this next question right you've done. If now we have to move on okay. Best of luck in the era of Ohio it's far I hope you heard earlier even watch the producers stepped make. To win though they go assembling competition this morning. I hope that the palm tree is sitting palm tree. And talk that if that happens if this. Started doing now the show again that is amazing even even been close to ten suit you very much we do at least the five who weren't old enough for. All right now but the Larry the bat but it all right but then you know what we're gonna do it all week long so everyone gets an opportunity again. If you win this grand prize QB going to now buy you'll be staying in a beautiful hotel. You get to go to this private concert that includes Syria underway among others cocktail reception. It's gonna be so fantastic. It would be off certain copyrighted. The very least you got the money to spend a demo enjoy that. We'll maybe talk to you on Friday until the Euro later in the meantime thank you for paying such close attention to John and Tim in the morning all 37 KSO at.