Know The Show - April 20th, 2018

Friday, April 20th


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Three questions and only the Smart and strong will survive politically John do we know the show quiz hopefully. You will be going to Vegas to see Reba and Brooks and Dunn at caesar's palace definitely the winner today we'll get KFC 137 KS Selanne. We're gonna gorgeous day today look for highs in the sixties and seventies and upper seventy's an eighty's this weekend. Our former C 332871037. We have our contestants lined up remember. Three questions and Jodi you are first contestant L Kohn Jody. Here's the deal with you if you get two of the three rightward have to move on so make me good clean sweep out the bad this morning we are seeing worry about okay. A great majority area there. They aren't I don't they. Hi Jody. I've well all right one ruse Mir not all right Jodi about Syria are number one how many artists has Garth Brooks inducted into the grand old opry. If five it's not. And not which means we have to move on let's go to autumn in Le mesa hey auto. No I autumn. Hi I think. Here we go on the only artist as Garth inducted into the grand Ole opry. Aren't. The seventh and it means we moved to see Andy in alcohol we are so eager to just think everyone always pays and everything he's going to tell you where the only artist is Garth inducted into the grand Ole opry. Area under way Alice think outskirts gets sent that would be three. And they're like all right 13 away there for a little results and popular young number two. What did my whole new touch that grossed me out during the Friday flub ups. Although I cannot. Possibilities are endless. Oh I now know I would say the microphone but I know that's not right what is serious and he. And microphone. Is that right. We set that would contestants credit college make us military first instinct when you right. All right so I don't know how to deal sandy your gut value your two out of three. If you get this third one right you'll have qualified our final qualifier for Vegas and now we are moving along okay. My heart pounding Cindy in Oklahoma what did Brett Eldridge. Say the next stunt he wants to tackle when he gets is next number one song will be. I guess Eric didn't. They are. It's not serpent and that's not what is thought was going to be he did see wants to come to San Diego to surf. And easier to mood on the brandy in valley center good morning brandy. Perennially artist is Garth inducted. Wouldn't my tongue touch the gross me out so much. My car out of the way the germs and a microphone yeah I don't. We just discussed man. And finally. Pretty. What did Brad Eldred say the next stunt he wants to tackle when he gets is number one song will be. He wants you. Have dinner and back. Is it dinner in this guy I think that's exactly what I. And you know you miss so far pretty not want to John imitate arena during this whole knowledge show quiz. All he's been do when it. So pretty what she's not John wouldn't exist everywhere wouldn't that he brings in missing it. We are now saying hey look you've branded you're going to tell us. Some original recipe and don't forget number one's in the world but this well. Yeah edges closer in late in the body of Brooke didn't let me.