Know the Show - April 19th, 2018

Thursday, April 19th


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All right let's see it know the show John 10 in the morning one of 37 KS so when somebody is going to Vegas. Where it says you out there tomorrow give the privately tomorrow to go see Reba and Brooks and Dunn right now idea jazz who wins and chicken with the the AFC. Seamen right if you don't it's your problem again and that's via three questions and again here's a deal if you know two of them and other third we have to move on to the next person in line. Let's start this off right now is John in Escondido John good morning sir. Good morning Greg de select your gallery yelled or what you'd be surprised in almost eighty year old Graham while with as a surprise today. Our tickets to go stagecoach. Is correct and that's good well done. What TV show featured UK Tim jasager and it happens very emotional about this. What TV show featured Tricia year will did as he recurring guest star. Jag is right why and I got talent and Johnson. Could John be the first one this we do the first caller may be even though the show. John that up all night cramming for those are like. Well you know I fell well you're two thirds of the way there pest of laureate John. What was the name of the prom going pig in producer's desk fake news story. I mean with a big aha. The round going pig sat a couple of times weakened portly and porky imperfect. Waiters or that. Order. Wasn't lakers there was a made up steam. While. A lot. And and. Wu who did that that just popped back in your head I mean it and it whoa yeah yeah. It's been hammering Gwynn and Cheryl lawyerly. And you know what they try again tomorrow or it does we'll do it again tomorrow but in the meantime John you do have KFC it's. About clear up any liquor I'm Gloria chicken. I Kara and your kids again net to go to C remember accidents and other surveys at the coliseum at caesar's palace to get a two nights almost a hundred dollars in gas. And I'm good luck to you to gel more important question for you. What is your what is best what is the best KFC's side dish. I did note that potato wedges and move. Coastline of the song. I think it's messages in gravy dog. Yeah. All right John you're the fourth qualifier tomorrow get our fifth than someone's going to Vegas to see colonel Sanders or hasn't done. Well I enjoy your day you know everybody enjoy your day has not everybody out and telegenic our 37 case on.