Kids That Rock: Navy Military Child of the Year Isabelle Richards

Friday, March 9th


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I say good morning and congratulations. To Isabel Richards I'm sorry. Operation home runs 2018. Navy military child of the year award recipient. Has Richard. It is so great to see you congratulations huge honor. Inky so much and super honor and there's so many amazing things that eats mount Terry Childs. Does for their community and I am beyond. On the ticket. He picked prince awards. Isabel is the daughter senior chief petty officer James Richard thank you for your servicer and Lori Richards if five older Brothers four of whom have served on active duty. And you younger brother is also a 2012 winner of this award by the way no pressure at all to yet. You freaking out I have to win this award. Not really I mean I was like super excited for my rather when he lion. And it was really fun to go intend to DC because none of the other winners had a little sister so we kind that played on my turn now but. Now that like I have one it's like. C prayer on sand and Mike. I'm just super on and now you run the dove self esteem project at your school Trotter on what that is. So the death self esteem project is to help young women or ladies CU and howry each other to know that they should love their cells for who they are. And not let anyone tell them. That they're not amazing people aren't I get a high five you rate now doing. So incredible so our son would win it with this award. So he gets again it's CDC in meet all the other winners Ferrero weak and he gets in me Conger days and he had seen as a White House and a computer and 101000. Home do you. I have a little chat with congress Rosie is on their butts and doing and so what you done yeah exactly there's no work stoppage involves yeah. As a million are certainly inspiration to so many young people well into old people I've got two daughters and I can imagine how proud your parents must be not leave your entire family. You sure via my great years on our air as they summed it up front our idea otter. I'm just super proud of her and her motivation in dedication to you know serve other military families and you know live wounded warriors and healing heroes that she serves and just arms my heart to know that you know like she has a passion for serving other people as well are dead pop on up here search. Thank you for your service to thank you IEA it's. It's a great honor and I am very pleased I was deploy difference nine and a half months of this past year so it was a great honor to see her. And get all actually says she was doing. Email text to me in and and then all the nominations ever put in from all the great people that some. Where that's fantastic welcome home via and congratulations on a beautiful family and kids are. Richards the 2018 Canadian military child of the year award winner and certainly deserving of that Isabel you are kids. People that rocket. Way congratulations Isabel Inky Selma.