Kenny Chesney, Grace and Shannon

Friday, April 15th


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You're a musician in your lives song let's influenced the way you live life has changed something in the airline that's an easy does for so many of impact and only a ponder that capacity she's doing very good friend of ours just visiting Finland far away. Kenny Chesney had a big impact on her life and won't get to that in just a minute and by the way if you go Coachella. Your anyway you know they're expecting seventy. Mile an hour wind gusts in the Coachella valley. So you're we'll city's sun dresses just you know and I was impressed and Indiana on Amazon as a credible Amazon I don't know if I typical boomer still around. Sure that the UK okay yeah I NG to a guy your tenth. RA with this right now as a good friend of ours CNN hi CNN. Santa good to see you again you faced him we knew Shannon that when we lived in Madison induction Oceana and because of her daughter. Race it was a quick synopsis on the story of grace. Well my youngest daughter grace has a very rare mitochondrial disorder. One of five kids in the worlds and I'm you guys grace has done a wheelchair frying seizures have gotten better enough from hyperbaric therapy to go to kindergarten. And that's kind of our story began when ray Kenny Chesney because. Hyperbaric saved her life but music is like graves gave grace her. Initiative to move. And to get out of her wheelchair and to do different things now it amazing when we say saved her life you know messing around you were told and they doctors listen go home. Make your child comfortable enjoy the last couple minutes you have with her. And you are not on my watch we gather we we were given no hope from doctors from Mayo Clinic to new York presbyterian and increase was really at that time in a vegetative state that has her mom. I can give up than me I'm just so incredibly grateful for hyperbaric therapy for her hand for the music in her life that's right so inner. Older sister Lily had written John and I a letter and said what when grace listens to Kenny Chesney is when the sun goes down she moves in she gets excited where she wasn't doing anything other than match. And she asked if it was possible for us to get her to meet Kenny Chesney now this was all on him. He agreed and shocking does he did it in front of all of us I thought he won a meter separately could take your fairway and when Kenny Kenny came out of that room. I think when he came out of the room I was kind of like in shock because I was kind of believe the somebody like Kim would take the time now for a Stanley like ours you know we're just a little famous from Wisconsin and he. You know grace wrote this letter and you might do and that go ahead and then. And it was just amazing and and when he actually aren't remember when he bent over. Yet he serenaded her to that song and she started to move and I just remember thinking. Wow assesses. This is like the greatest moment in her life the mrs. if this is us against then I'm okay with that because she. Has just done so many things in her life with the hyperbaric so now with the music in just. She looked at them and it's like she knew me was that it was amazing what was this. Thousands of requests when this is an Italian open as a real obviously yes this somebody that is you know somebody else. I don't know what happened that day that made conditions in Seattle that's something I wanna do because of their defense really mean how do they know I write in and he can only see so many people. Exactly that it is true we watched him bend down and sing to her and how she started dancing it was that it was incredible how. Especially because there is this is a backstage area lots of stuff for good as going on an income is gotta zone meet in return it was both a ton of fans were waiting. Not only did he meet greasy first. But again as soon as we said to him is when the sun goes down. Then she recognizes it as he moves to lean it was as if nobody else was in the auditorium. He put his arms around her in saying it into her ear female. And they weren't worse he's a little bit worst thing why should I guess. They may not have an amazing update what is happening this month with Corey hi I am so excited to save that my daughter is going to prom with. Is now in some it is so amazing I mean it I just. Thought I just I just can't believe that we're at this point in Ireland. That she's a junior in high school and that we have a great pure partners group at her school memorial high school shout out to you because. It's been amazing and these kids have been fantastic season tickets to go to prom so hold was grace when we all met for the Kenny Chesney backstage she would abandon. So we started she started with abbey in kindergartens I think it would have been sacked. First raises it's prices and a daughter now daddy and increase for a friend yeah and Australia. So it's been a really long time so it's been a main scene and we're lucky actually Jenny McCarthy's going to be up design increases prom dress. Juan island aha save the lives. Quelling Kenny come see this week training every theater by the we will give them an update on email and killing zone ever thought of reaching out to Kenny you know I have look what you just I lettuce and and if you listen they're one of your team is listening and I can't tell you what a difference that made in my family's life because you know we don't know how long we'd have grace and what you did for her and bending over and talking and singing to her it was amazing so thank you so much Kenny Chesney you're amazing that's. Beautiful story clearly hit it really was amazing EB Tigger from all at every. If they can you need a day for grey cup right now her mom of their data. Not enough so why that's so awesome they listen we really appreciate with the something it's been a long time and shared this story and it's a great one this year we should talk about every day race. Thank you for having me back you invest your family okay I will. All right by the way is there and the musicians song that is influenced you in a positive ways with his entity is ground breaking as that but you know QBs is that it's important to you it's important 61957. On number 1973.