Katie Stokes - Edible San Diego - Seg 2

Tuesday, July 11th


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Hey hey San Diego booties it's lick the plate on KS ON analyst David Boylan. This week I mean with Katie still she's the publisher of the fabulous at a bowl San Diego magazine welcome to the show skating. Thank you so much Terry what do we do and on this Tuesday is hers content in the month of July. Also it is July we have is so wonderful July August issue is all about cooking and I wanted to mention that we have a terrific precedent this time about the most fabulous sandwich you have ever had before and that's credit where we're doing with that of announcing one and provide recipes that are really accessible for all of us and still fabulous at the same time we'll sandwich oh my gosh you have no idea it's it's kind of it's tight -- and it's kinda elaborate and that is has different elements you prepared to pieces separately and then assemble them and Munich amendment and rice. And let's get a new you hear McKay left off eighteen Northridge drone affirm life which go from there. Yeah I went to undergraduate casting Northridge and I figured out there really loved conservation and it went on to study that in college and graduate school. And after that and life is kind of funny in circular and I ended up working in the world the nonprofit doesn't. And it did that Escondido for sixteen years I found that this and the children's discovery museum. The organization and when they learned about edible San Diego it was as a reader. And I just I love the publication Redick or heavier I have all my old you know copies and you know I wanted to die again and and ticket to a whole new level and containment about it has forward. With a blitz. That's it yeah. And spring teaser. All right we're back tomorrow music curator at music and I am thanks. And I will be back tomorrow talking more with Katie stoke she's a publisher of compatible San Diego magazine check out the pod cast me as so and that. Click like the way.