Katie Stokes - Edible San Diego - Seg 1

Monday, July 10th


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San Diego booties it's like the play concave SO and I'm host David Boylan. This week dining with Katie still she's a publisher of the fabulous at a bowl San Diego magazine. If you haven't seen as some beautiful publication welcome Q Davis found to be here yes we're Gannett beat each episode because we got the July issue out now. And you're gonna tell us about some some of the content what's going on. Yeah it's it's this issue is all about cook's cooks cooking cooking food together with friends and family and we've got some really find content for everyone. Even. A whole article about cooking for a pet's illness yeah that's really cool so I consumers with you about that as easy as they chat lucky heads up. Are we from. I'm from Northridge and California. Absolutely scary what was it like growing up there was Goran here bring your family world well I am I have a brother and a sister and we. Lived in and that town that was pretty girl when when we are and as though there were dairy cows and an orange trees and it was country and so we have horses and and awesome. It's really honestly like all summer you're barefoot thing it. It's taken from the garden yet Dennis about that from my dad and still this very day what was the best thing going on in your house who has well I have a lot of so that was good because my dad and it was from the Mexican American backgrounds of the food. Man. Oh my god amazing cooks and a mom to her. Akram Scottish and Irish and so it's kind of classical American fare but she was home with us it was a is that good fitness day. Stakes idiot makes Buick. And I will be back tomorrow talking more with Katie stoke she's a publisher of at a bowl San Diego magazine. Check out the podcast to me as so then net com and click on what the the play it.