Kahoots and Pets Without Walls

Monday, December 11th


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It's always great we could talk about cahoots but even better we bring a coup cooling in the highly trained educated. Pet loving employees. Of good food they love your pet as much as you do lose. Who that he's. She's hanging out with a onto radio dorks as Erin from coups and a ballot is a happy holiday faced that in me you bet it's good to have you back we enjoy our time with steel. And it is this season of giving and there's a way that people can give Barack especially when it comes to patents. There is so there's a new initiative in town that was kicked off by Helen Woodward's. It is called pats with Al walls and what pets without walls is is it is a new initiative that will go to feed pets have belonged to homeless families. So there in. Could take care heaven help individuals that are that are homeless or living down a San Diego right now they've created a number of industrial. I tent sites rank these people tell it to help take care of them. Yeah it's a nice safe place for them to be in families that are trying to get back on their feet. These are all everyone who's going about things in the right way. Exactly exactly people trying to trying to get back out there and a lot of times they'll feed your pets. Before the feed themselves I'm sure he's the issue that got yeah that's very true that pets pets for these homeless individuals are extremely important to them mom very important sometimes it's all the they have. It's a big source of happiness for the and so with this with this new initiative there are over 200. New dogs and cats. That that we're trying to help take care of here. So what can someone do by coming into cahoots to help out with the well what what this initiative is gonna be doing its can be feeding these animals and providing spay and neuter care. Any veterinarian care free ED warming all the sorts of things so. We really we need dean donations across the board if you have any food that is an expired or an open we gladly accept that if you wanna stop and pick up any of our. All life stage foods to donate those are very good choice because they're not life stage specific okay very easily can go to any animal. So it when I'm coming to codes because I go to the one in Alpine and I go pick up so she has screwed by the way she's in love with that the Ku its brand the premium one of the chicken. I actually have audio of her eating it because Los easy she's like yeah I mean and I'm not exaggerating I'm not exaggerating as a. People can judge to allow yards she's loved whether this is over here at its occupant that's how much you that that she loves it so I can go on by bad for Sophia and then I can buy back in donated as well knew exactly are exactly I lost pets without walls again eras when any whose locations and is asking Cooley and help out any cuter locations -- find one of us Sandoval will definitely take area. All right excellent pets without walls more information. At cahoots pat dot com they Q air for joining us this morning well I think you have avionics.