The Kaaboo Kardashian Quiz

Monday, September 18th


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Do you think that the blue crowd knows more about the car dash genes are current events and their contentment. We're about to find out welcome John's him in the morning in San Diego is number one for new country KS only I want to go to caboose so bad over the weekend see Tom Petty in the heart breakers in Jackson Browne in the comics and and guys couldn't do it didn't feel well and I was a selecting ticket. And yeah so everybody else is going to come who you are always loves you look. On the money. That was fun and he may get clean expands its. A. Oh wow so a there's no way Johns cold medicine telling him to impose right now sorry. So here. Away and I don't know this the ladies told me this occurred as you Stearns ten years old now like the the the TV show and we're having a tenth anniversary special this Sunday are. Or say the meantime like all of ever. I'm not excited but I will admit I do catch the show every once in a while still on them to us. Ten years strong and they're not going anywhere and start to multiply and Alexi monkeys I thought I. Just add new picks area. Just add a nude pics that you just said it only got one song that was. I'm rolling off on you after all after all this time aren't so always thought we do is combine these two things and go to the blue and Jessica stick a microphone somebody's face. Well they were joking and ask them that question about the card actually it was more about current events and we'll see how they do here. Here Whitney and patty patty great round. I am from eat well I mean I ask you a couple of kids that need his. Handsome couple pop culture general knowledge questions seeking an angle so it didn't get up. Ever I would plan an honor having the tenth anniversary. That I ASEAN what is the name came on. His daughter and you know this one yes she does I think so I agree with you hey. Lou I. I think get daisy got the north let these the other night. Killed them and with the wrong spoiled kid first yeah. Are so that is northwest season. Now hold about the current events that SP. I hear that this leader of North Korea the boy I don't know what. I would I I am hoping today's you can learn on this issue noses because he's been in the Newsom mean. Sean. Well. Well aren't impressed nicely done many. Of them. I alleged daddy. Daddy wouldn't worry Pratt. It's gone. The question Chris stopped. Anniversary of the great I just have ever ask you what she questioned the card spot that was famous lawyer what names Adam LaRoche the most I think it. Your card active and you definitely do. I think also. Because the OJ. Chill on FX was so big he was prominently featured his plea by David Schwimmer. That she's been know that administration has Robert Kardashian. Name. I know this one dollar and steamy Florida Syria. Everyone knows Steve Kerr national. It's actually how Robert Kardashian who the United States attorney general now also been in the news constantly. Not none are like there is no way in a million is Steve Kardashian pleases no no offense deadly. It's giant Jeff Sessions on yes so gosh yeah. Yeah it's been about it was Jefferson session Jefferson solutions of course it is okay or Steve who. Oh for heaven's excited that our dad who cares. I believe cares I believe the shot the goal isn't prepared us how a we have faith in today's huge error in the future of tomorrow some ask him thing or another some of them not come to by the way. The person as of the river the Olympics in America isn't really allowed to judge okay that's your round. I ain't gonna like that's and that's good I want to me now yeah I think.