Jon Cryer

Tuesday, April 12th


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You know for Two and a Half Men you know in May be from pretty in pink he'd played ducky. Thanks blame Donald. Every woman fell global ducky including Sammy Jon crier is our guest. Turkey Osaka. DNA should have big ducky I know we heard a million times and I've never got to tell you then person. Well I was the original and why did they change yet. It's scientific they actually. Look. But now that they thought because usually what people like a movie they just Arctic face a lot of I didn't find that satisfying whatever. But it equity in the courtroom they actually do and that in that you got. Jon crier is our guest we're talking about pretty in pink of course you know John. As well from Two and a Half Men has got a new book out called so that happened a memoir what an amazing life this guy's head and not to. Wholly made this about pretty empty but the homework kind of dilemma I had my house recently John my daughters are aged fifteen and seventeen and have been trying to get them into. I'm always I want to and I was their age namely John Hughes movies and they booking with all my god they're so dated as of Saddam shut up as well. That's happened and I thought I thought it. Place like. Do we watched pretty in pink and of course I was right they loved it they love Jews they were so sad against him he wasn't. He can get a Molly renewal of the end and the only question I had if I ever talked to you or Anthony Michael Hall or Andrew McArthur anybody to start a movie. Did you all crushed hard I'm Molly ring wall while we were working with her. But really by the way to the little both had been up are much he actually earned the eight anger and apathy. And it's legal I was thinking. Oh. It it'll pool party at one point and I think you will no matter necessarily but the ability to look of the evening and it good I think that would. Eight. Eight epic that never said that the moviegoing public never got a bit of bad. I believe that if we didn't have that body can help you got a bout with somebody and I and I did not have shopped. All it. Move. Okay. I. Know I nobody does it's kind of like did you. Put the put up. Where would Jon crier John's gonna really usually book on console that happened a memoir and not wanna be or how brilliantly played Augusta prior. Brilliantly played the. John Arab personal question for you this is my last year in my forties I just turned 49. Give me some advice as someone who now is fifty what are some of the things I should do in my last year in my forties that I can't do once I hit fifty. Oh gosh I don't know you're you're all up. Bill they're not ended up you can tap into your hip deep. The only thing that that think that changes is the amount of medication or taking daily. I know I'm fat that is that the by very very bad like in your Binyamin portage stark go to the doctor and it I think. Your ability you have to take every day right I can't imagine and then they just start adding up as you get it here that it. So bill I think that I can suggest is get some sort of some sort of refrigeration and that travel refrigeration and take your medications with you. I Jon crier from Two and a Half Men im pretty in pink John's got a book out called so that happened a memoir super interest area for crying allowed the man worked with and handled very well working with Charlie Sheen was most patient co worker all the old time John we usually have more time with him and we don't but dubbed please if you come back to San Diego's who would like to hand out congratulations on a really fun. Interesting book. Well thank you so much I would love them and I let it go. Awesome you're always welcome bring your enemies doing a pitcher with a great. Yep that'll be Kobe is spitting gum at the excerpt liner but two Emmys tomorrow. I think it behind me. And I did I get to actually audio and personnel would be awesome. I'm John take chairman thinks it's on what you guys.