Jokes From Tammy's Grandson Liam

Tuesday, September 19th


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If your Childs. Cracks you up with they're cute kid jokes Tammy is grandson William a budding comedian in his own right as he's about to Peru and have a a a I would love to perform their joke please feel free email Tammy. TEM I am or why. Some people want to be TE MI that's just wrong. TA MM YA KS ON dot com with your kids cute kid joke and Lee M might be able without some great rendition of that. Speaking of cute kids remember when you you're young boy Grayson now on nineteen year old man almost amazing Yahoo! it's Syria priorities to be cute check this idea. He's your name if you're how old are you saying oh what do you want for Christmas. And you are. So cute you can become a Hollywood Kissinger put in your bag and keep their forever be built a plastic bubble I know we can protect him. Employees that because you get this now. Any shootings. Narrow. Star Search. I'm sorry what is a shooting star race six era or come and BBC news. Opening word modern. That was still even QUI he was not well when I really get them talking mile long land mine not very good at. Not talking low you've had a couple drinks and now I'm seeing it change. You Chad yields and the ones you can turn to puke yeah. Up to joke Grayson like you're listening he was always. Correcting me even when he was three or four years older and there's Spain is red wire well when you them. And I I don't want to hop up but when your kid fails to be cute anymore but to become little note on thank goodness you can give grandchildren yes. Yes Viagra and suddenly it was Faye's Tammy with me yesterday because this is his new favorite thing to do is is awesome. Yes we don't. Act. You wanna tell me jokes army radio show. So lean as a knowledge communal my design is tailoring council scrap the door radio showing you enraged when you have grand kids and they say it's you you're like that's right content and look at how she doesn't matter a lot. Greg did you like yeah whatever clearly Maria. What's the best joke you have read now. Whose hair. In erupting cash. Now was guts Ed it. Up. The good zeros. Among young men who. You know I'm a loosen the joked back I heard a thousand times until like it and he delivered a perfectly yeah he's ready give Roy answer me Korean refugee column. Some might say if there are true critique. The comic should laugh at his own jokes well we're gonna break because it was funny at least four yes exactly exactly so yes. If you wanna send me your for your kids' favorite jokes we'll have a Williams Sam fourth I think that would be great I think the laughing at the Illinois derby anyway yeah. Zero got an album at a hotel.