John's Surprise Birthday Call

Friday, October 6th


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You're just nervous because we have a surprise when. I want you to like kind of freak out. It comes to surprises there Tammy all this week John icon and he told me three times my birthday is Sunday night. It was down in you know when I'm half. Oh my neighbors are more alike while averted this kind of snuck up on me that's not always saying it was a reminder of anything he's an all out the marine tell. This sellout we'll Johnson in the morning. Happy Friday happy Friday in this portion of the shoving match by Pacific sales prep for the holidays when exceptional savings on appliances and kitchen and bath fiction I going to Pacific sales dot com slash sale yesterday. At all. One of John's. Group of earth into your producers getting hurt again operates. I. And somebody contacted you who's a friend or family member of mine rescue or help to me they gift. Yep staff with on the phone with me and weird discussing it and I'll remember things until Sunday. And I told you guys won a big deal yet you always say that and then at. Would you still talk about our first year working to get it to you remember Nazi like he's flabbergasted by yours is February 3 on the forget that now launcher. Is April. Some April it scene you step how many years for the first year we were here getters is Groundhog Day day after just. Okay. We're. Not allowed and and and mom. I. Allegedly told his voice at the moment. So Bonnie you gave producer stuff for a call yesterday because you needed some help with the birthday gift for John because it's midnight sold in. New York it's only sold here in our area. Mom. A and only in per cent how'd you like. Yeah then sold in person did she couldn't get down like all right I'm gonna hand again after wow OK and that opened explain that cute story OK. Yeah I think it what's happening in your tiny tags. And mama mama stepping in tiny bill we bag. And it says about you and especially for you who. It's a gift Karl it's a gift card direct. Qaeda groceries to leverage their breathtaking. Thank you bomb. Neither does a great story behind why you did that. Yes I was hoping it would take you back tier college you. When he would bring cases are kept by Eric yeah. And only then. We'll keep working still. No I'm glad. New member I do remember because I think he three putted for your college. Yeah. Doubling of legal faintly all of ravioli to tide you over before did not. Brett Gardner group who got into a mom this is very jedi I didn't have to give me anything thank you. Out dead yet and yet we know you like to eat. Why do you know I do Lachey to any and it's something that all moms really to look. When I go to see my daughter who doesn't live at home anymore one of the first things I do is checker franchise checker covered up and if it looks how erratic I take her grocery shopping no matter what it just drives me not. And Jack don't be sad note products locally yeah. While this is very a very nice surprise thank you everybody thank you step. Tell that I love him and didn't. Thank you for being in labor for fifty hours with imam. Oh you're welcome honey you're not going there again. She still witnesses and. He still wins it all right I love you mom. Laden you have a great need to buy. The big boy whose nine pounds the announcement comes before if she's. She's wearing heels in efforts to you as she birthed me Mason was nine sump and I had to have a C section and health. So hooked up my mom is young reheat the fact the course there was this enormous head. He's going of that had thank goodness thank goodness yeah part of finance forum back and then that it was.