John's Sandwich Dilemma

Friday, May 25th


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I had a something happen to me yesterday that proves I'm very much absent minded but maybe I deserve something in return an animal and explain what's going on here. Right elegiac pinpoint but now there's some bad floated their son is. Meanwhile the tie game I think I mean I don't always wrong you're not as well when asked of opinions that's all I'll. And I want I want you guys to help help and counsel Monica who's in San Marcus still loses can't zillow help and wanting to Monica welcome John came in the morning a 1037 PS Valentine Monica how are you today. And doing very well I'd like your help on something in ladies Jess and into him please. I'd chime in here as well like capital Timmy chime in anything. Us leadership Monica I had a lunch with my daughter and I had a plan Monica I was they have half of my sand wedge. For lunch box it up bring it home and have the like little of the rest later for dinner was get ready for the show the next day huh. Yeah. Right right. It was a good plan Monica the only problem was as I forgot my sandwich there I left and have realized too and I was about ten minutes later maybe maybe less than that. Came back my daughter was with recently dad's gone she works the food industries are dead or it's gone. I would back into it over the world that Simmons fifteen dollars. Yeah I idea of what Al the time that pop into my daughter my daughters he left. I really did get at Everett might have burlap ever I would really about it. So well I went back less than ten minutes later. And we got looks at me and basically echoed my daughter said it's gone broke. And how's that new did you ask what garbage they threw it in 'cause that was hit it to go container. I bet it'd take epic extraordinaire out of reach her son what you're telling me an accident and get this right you're telling me as I should have asked where. Yeah discarded in the dug through the trash they're entourage for my food maybe it was ranch up our right. That's a possibility. Thanks. I'm George from signed Philly yet clear under the garbage can Monica should I asked. Like. He may be and a half was able to put in a box that it pay for it. I currently offering you a premium. Free meal. It is my call. NN it is my fault and I do give the guy. Props because I've worked and in restaurants before and 99.9. Percent and it will never come back for their food. I get that. But and the it was lessons I don't know the ladies what do you think. I think when you walk on the Torrey Don you can expect them to give you some for free float I didn't get for free eye at all. I'm meant no we paid for you didn't finish it and it wasn't as if I had to explain to this guy he was my server he's on me. I mean you're bad so sad thing I hear what was that Monica. Maybe about I get now we have been nice and any in the in his defense he's seen me and I imagine he would have said. Starting your taste in her maybe this is that. Aha he lifted it's arm hook up again. What are you happy right now I inherited god when I used dredged. Up a merit pay Monica Monica thank you for your help. Yeah I feel a little better and right and I'm sorry your daughter does that all the time it really does I'm still hunger a thing especially when it's something sold collisions is delicious Rubin my mom.