John's Mom Is Retiring!

Thursday, July 7th


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Earlier this month we spend time talking to Tim's dad to restart the retired after I get Jillian years in radio. And how fitting in my the time of the season of my mom also just retired because she's moving she's joins us right now in KS or what John Tammy in the morning. Very little. Mom stole her you know you don't really you are you kidding me as I am in the fact that. Parking lot and I got here. Or I have played lead to eleven point out just for our until orange shirt protester whatever itself now I'm out without. Well listen to you the level retirees. I guess look at the top of had me and all these years people I am a people person. Dull parts sailor who happened they're crying and I wish I I would go back I just went and there's the war. So basically I'm actually worried about you mom because you do you just retire do you think you're moving timing could you have. Stressful things going on you're going to be on vacation with us in just a few days. That's gonna be stressed the. I'm worried about you. Talk. A very ago. Yeah. I'll be sitting side where this week blonde beautiful vacation. Pillow that and I went home last night. And I said that they had where they. Oh honey we can't get out. Well listen and view I'm sorry you you have pillows for our vacation what do you mean. Well we're gonna Burton Burton mark telco a lot of people as half a difference with more than lie at all. I'm telling you how the. And Leon so nice to be I'm one of those people yeah. I like a good plan for pillows. And I can bring some extra thrill I. How wonderful giving my mother is on his tears we heard now once you get to this call for an indication Dunne Ari you're really gonna be retiring or is everybody Gannett is your husband gonna have you do these government is gonna keep you busy. Yeah there's nothing that I can feel it and I old yet. This time of your life. Should you be applied for new gigs or maybe she displayed relax. I I just think there's something else yeah I love it. I know what it is no way you're gonna travel honey you're gonna go visit every when he wants you gonna get to do everything that you want. I'm gonna get a live dot com which is I it's going to be trying to impeach yes. And they need to dot hospital so I don't know why. Came on hospital volunteer after she tired. We prop it should I call. It. I Nintendo did the idea that's so cute on the and. I'm gonna get training to do that and then I'm gonna sing again I'm Lance saying. Well if you are lazy don't want him now parade but the great thing is that you're determining what did you do no one else is gonna determine your schedule anymore and that's what's great about being able to be re tomorrow. Are ready tightly capped with a different feeling it was wonderful thank you yeah. You're seasonal stressing L worried their. Not. That different like for. You. The only well I know kids are super super excited to see guys we're gonna have a blast really eat earlier laps and be loud. Assuming everything you guys missed about having a full house in the UB BC for half and we only keep up. I think it's going to be fun I can't wait and now you can come when every one you don't have to wait till you have Hamas. Aaron yeah I had so little on the figure I've dealt with. Cream on him on this this isn't an event and we traveled around like it's okay let me and there was we'll see the vice radar. I had originally I think it's a real long horse and wagon right I am unsure or feel like you're dysentery on the way home my goodness the.