John's Mistaken Identity At Work!

Friday, September 14th


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There's a marvelous segment that we used to do here and I say used to because Timmy flat out won't allow anymore. We would bring in as we have a big growing company we merged stations to a we have new employees they're fabulous associate producer Tanya I'm. Was kind enough to slum it with us and because of that during who employs I am more idleness and more social with him he's a wonderful co worker but I tend to wander and talk to people more than Timmy does because she does her job. In up up up up up up. I'm more like look butterflies let's talk yeah friends I. Opt outs all that I am always want to and it's so we don't know we would bring and that's true and that I think is why we work so well yeah in all seriousness. Because she keeps me in line and I keep her laughing and introduce her to all the co workers edges and so we know but it doesn't get there and so the signal was bringing in remember producers Jeff came up with it and you he did it sure because let me go right we know. It didn't mean I felt so bad because some I could remember somebody's seen you as they're standing there looking at me if the enemy if you crash. You did I. I'm not you major self cry because you felt that the game the segment did not make you cry it was not intended to be a mean I don't I went and attended that we but it didn't mean he cracked and felt bad I'm terrible with names. I don't remember like that's all you read or I saw you at the bar you drink PBR. But what's your name I don't know I'm terrible with names just terrible. Anyway said we knew we can't do that segment anymore because it made me cry and we don't want that to happen to fund radio oddly enough so. I'm. You know pickled Tammy was when the exact same thing happened demeaning very bizarre almost really hub embarrassing case. Of the mistaken identity when I thought our coworker Chris I. May old do you talk show host come a little different in. Every aspect of the description. This time talking with Chris hi Chris how are you I am doing great well Chris is our favorite people because she hands out checks so we love you haven't yeah. But we had just got to know you because we have this merger. And some face to face contact hadn't happened yet and John had century an email and when he sent to a think you would if he would be right. He said banks did and your like. You don't want the leader of the ones that forget the fact that you said I was sitting and thank you email. Being polite. Funny partner. And okay so John if you don't mind coming over here we're discussing. He's sending the email where you said thinks dude no explain why you sent beckoning us and thanks dude well we have open coworkers that. That has a similar last name to Chris I eighty. My mom and Chris hello. And I. I guess I just don't even know but I assumed that he was doing double duty was how we thought was kinda oddly why is Chris posting an afternoon talk show and in the books. Here's the reason why he's not yet. Don't work. It never done that guess what it's not even the same person will seem last name. So I got the email from Chris about a business matter here I replied back thinks dude may not knowing that Chris I eighties I do and a lovely young woman. I. So now you are saying that you're hoping maybe issue with ticket is like dude like everybody's dude but Chris you had a response to that. Well I have been used data on occasion but it usually when I think someone's being an idiot it's like college mood. Putter back here you're welcome to you're like yeah. Tim he's loving this right now. Because she's horrible with people's names I am the woman never misses a reference name I'm certain he's lapping this up I am well thank you grants and how. Thanks yeah I can do it. They're gonna happen this embarrassing situation could have been a lot worse for me because I mean I'm Ivan joke like four times. I wanted to go over to Chris hello good dude and apologized to the email that I have sent earlier. You'd like we'd talking. I guess for you up. Our numbers 8332871037. Have you ever had a mistaken identity whether it's a re you work with these when your kids I don't know 883. 8332871037. Christie wants to share with us her mistaken identity story and. Not even taking it out and that he eight somebody else OK I'm at my company at about eight year. Actually I air app ad and Elkhart lake that day. So who is Megan they think you are all. In all areas. Christy why haven't you told the that Lou Christie. By the way we know is sexist John year when she said manager anywhere on a minute he said he waited I am I apologize I'm sorry about that. All right awesome Vega Christie may take a pop. Good Marshall and lakeside Marcia what's your mistaken identity. Couple picking your fingers. Yeah and it would get a parking lot that hurt you crossed a line. The very loud and site. Currently rank. The pressure I yelled at turner found Greg packer and it kept walking. So like oh well. She's a lot of might and this Mike Weir. I'm running and yelling. And name and it Gilligan and beat the background. Totally different. And I very quickly started accommodating right people and running away. Yeah and just brought away that that that I love that that's a toddler version of getting out of anything you're just run away does married or just run I. They've done something similar to that. I literally stopped in the middle of the conversation. Turned around in just walked away all while I didn't I am do you realize it is not the right person. I am an absolute jackass and I need to get does it right but if I get it checked button pushed it. I just I go somewhere else I. I can totally get that stick it in a picnic at.