John's Manic Mouth Music June 22nd, 2018

Friday, June 22nd


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We want to welcome our in studio gas. Donna Tammy behind the Mike series in this in Diego. County credit union studio is also a big thank you Einstein to for a ride providing breakfast you guys Friday yeah out. I got sandwiches and bagel bites and could easily could. Real I. You can't go anywhere in San Diego County call bites in the deliver food gee I never knew that Einstein's bagel and catering thank you very much for that and of course SE CC providing gift bags for all of RK excellent family today. All right we're actually. Commit Julie Julie you wanted to say hi to somebody earlier this morning you get to do it. This shout at him my beautiful rendering out a Messina who could not make it this morning at Levy Carla K we all love you girl ahead. All right welcome to this this is a brand new segment that is taking advantage of my lack of harmonica skills and your fine tuned ear this. It's. Let. I was doing some research on. I think this will be better if I actually played well. Why Obama. Thank you very much what is your hand here. Many speak in the microphone please and many weary from. I mean and he drove all the emotions I think you for that welcome. To this in the UConn equities did you hear key is when your thoughts so far. I'm Kathleen rely on my artists quite certain. And while nobody more excited Gloria. There are. Okay ethnic you're gonna listen to this harmonic a piece that I have sped up the that is a very. Very popular country song would you agree Tammy yes okay Alley UC even identify the skills that I bring. The harmonica cable you ready for John manic love music it sped up one of the country's biggest songs ever. You're. Yeah. Diane. While it like being in the costs are up I'm trying to launching an impossible right there a catch up on anything. We give it away at the math right the idea I'll I give to it was a man man beaten. I know that. And get up. Menu let's hear it again. It's okay. And yeah. It. Just show me a favor turn off those microphones once again Sawyer entire studio audience and here maybe they can think about it as well and. Diane. My bones blowing up right now and when I bands as I know what it is and all this and I'm like that's a bit. Many still don't know how can you arugula hello W Haley Haley what we're you from. San Marcos who do you think it is. We could hear it again. I am. She now attend the person player Monica's not standing right in front you are getting more uncomfortable every second bite of not understanding a recognized in the zone of one of the biggest country songs of all time. I'd imagine right observe if not the biggest maybe the biggest single long. Is sparse or. How it. You have to ask them what they got something. Yeah. Is it present a place by Garth Brooks let's see here the unspent maybe I'll give you a clue. There is not. The last. Okay great treatment and it's the need and she. Yeah I've got a real. And I'm wondering. You're had a lot of ardent Kelly you're kidding I don't know I kinda. All of those years of honey I can isolate kids clarinet recital guy that'd be over with the right now I know exactly. I was feeling yeah. Number nearly half. Breakfast from Feinstein and honesty CC you get that natural way. Consolation prize of exactly the same thing. Ankle but played John's manic mouth music would Jon and Jimmy are behind the Mike series of one of 37 billion Selanne.