John's Manic Mouth Music July 12th, 2018

Thursday, July 12th


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Season boulevard here at play it's heating up Steve hung up on us all know. Me as it is like he has done it's something I think either deal were playing just for fun. Okay Jerry I surprised at how we're playing just for fun so better news as you get to declare Monica very badly hit 833871037. If you wanna play for fun. Just call right now in the meantime we have this. Very obvious. Me thinks. 8332871037. What's classic. Country's on going medically playing in my harmonic in my medical mouth music all right I'll take a guess for support and plan. And. I think they should be no problem for you I think you're a gigantic fan of this song OK and I think maybe it's because I know the song which is sound so vivid in my hand right now and you you have the plank is look at him and you I heard this on a Julien times and airlines hangar or types are you can't. It. Wow why don't enter at the concert does not I'm not everybody. Give it up up up it's good Debbie hi Debbie how you are following in his. And doing well thank you for asking about a breath. Mama's manic miles music playing but which like the in my classic country rendition on the harmonic to a more time. Remember this is sped up its manic so he might a building and wrap the battery up. Debbie you got a clue what that classic song is. You are a lot easier I'd like this putted normal rates OK without easy shirtless or around. That's right yeah I mean you can figure out of the backpack. Boy am I Arianna I don't know where boy. If if you wanted to recapture the sound of your third graders Clarence yeah I know did it very well we've done that. Hi Debbie any idea what that's not that up an eight mile music classic country cover was. You know that didn't let it be that we have. That Dennis Quaid and Lee wins Louisiana you mean which one great balls of fire. No. OK let me did you think of that. Most of the squid. All the harmonica. A single woman at 1 time in the morning do think about a squid I would agree with us. I'm Rick Perry let's find out what it is all right yeah I could tell me does I don't know was free nobody had this gas. Known not a bit silly. Places and then and the blue jays is not lose the way we have to be okay. Now I think Asia went down and I don't know maybe it was the same Tony I don't know I don't know the expert harmonica player I am not every year you can. Everybody sing along Heredia because I doubt. This is that it flipped it scared my. This. I. And Nadal here OK. I. Yeah. I guess that's what hey yeah. When they've they've practiced practiced Pratt is actually a definite lesson for all the kids I was talking this morning and to the people that we just made stop listening to install them back huh. I've ever get her playing just for fun today with John manic music Tulsa really to me though. He do that Ari. Went in the already do that one yet what. I did it already and he still wouldn't recognize it. Socket. There's gave me the last giants manager Bob is we did I didn't threaten the low places ha ha. I'd want proof and it's not any better. Not yeah thanks. Let's field mama all the positive affirmations I get here at the office.