John's Harmonica Skill Are Making Waves in Nashville!

Thursday, March 8th


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Hey it is just it is John and he is is that true from Boehner harmonica here are you doing. Oh Monica many who drew. So we got word in Nashville that you eat you had been learning to play. Harmonica from your new your New Year's resolution. OK you're calling from national. Yet word natural only 200 is Mike harmonica prowess become so skillful that the ears of national though picked up on. Now I I guess so I mean the Morgan you navigate coming up to ignore your dirty cap. Normally banned yeah you know all this your freaking me out yeah. You see lines larger. I did actually. I got word about it and then that started Mike Duke school soon. Didn't let me do you guys. And all the greens the archer at global giant. Well yeah. So like Apollo lunar harmonic to you should've gotten that thing in your your daughter and lets you bought it used which would be very disgusting. You know each of the guys like thirty days free lesson with with blues harmonica dot com if not I can certainly get choked up with that plot. So it's great it's a great piece it's a great tool to help you learn and and you know whether you play the blues are. The work country. Or or The Beatles spurs who you know whatever it it all comes from the same roots so that'll certainly help you out. You might not even if we just have John play a little bit of what he's been practicing UConn what scum. Oh sure sure sure. Okay you'll it is only Jessica couldn't he go to yesterday and Sierra l.s latest all right guys who won't popular songs of all time quote arterial it. In the key of C by the way. I didn't tell you that juniors and apron as you can hear from them a year ago. I go on but I won't. Bob Dylan the yeah. Hitting a. We so let me just get to set up within thirty days to prevent. Tell us piano and it yeah I got to make. Goes on America one of our endorse these though yeah absolutely absolutely. So yes we do endorse is Wheldon. Sir sir we have various levels of endorsement I'll. Pick. Taking a village jolt. And yet none have. This is so nice you think you hope to one day return the favor by calling you up and playing this only connection identifier. I do it well I do well we'll see you thank you for that card or credit.