John's Garbage Plate And Other Best Hangover Foods!

Tuesday, August 21st


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John is in Ramona what's up John. I think every hour glass do you listen to Rochester New York I'm actually from their myself all right so why are we just wondered have you ever had a double play to make up holes. Hey he's posted a picture of a garbage plate umpire social media page we we did homemade a garbage place this past how is there though they're pretty good. Our Rome or rent it I think it was too sober to enjoy my guard up. Yeah. I might even joking that's a drunk food group that went boom that's a good question. What is your favorite you know drunk food like when you need this wonderful feeling so even like hung over like I have to have this so in case you're not from Rochester. And you're wondering do they really eat garbage and upstate New York. A garbage plate is okay you start off of like home tried to illegal home Fries right John you know and they put Max Allen on top. And then you put like either hot. They called Neal called hot dogs guys are called red hot or white dots or. Hamburg right job you know we had a hamburger garbage plate doesn't is a beef patty. Home Fries Max Allen all on top of each other and then you drench it with what they call late sausage hot sauce but really hot sauce. And John back me up here it's more than a meat sauce we are. Yep that's exactly what it and then you drag you douse it with ketchup to Muster am I missing any thing brought that root out tomorrow I give you. The garbage play just showing a picture of it right now delicious why. Now it's it's. Some argue it's not delicious art they can't get past the grosses of how it looks. Well if you're like a person who I can't have your food touch and a player all that EF Chris is not always a mess it's a mass but it's like any good. Salad home cook casserole. Wright has that same kind of thing where it's. Filled with goodness and happiness and awesome it is easy and why Greece soaking up properties and can over the. Well I that cool but what about the garbage play besides the fact it's totally decadent in the unbelievably great threat is that it's a regional thing you step outside like coming California burritos in a yet everyone's got their own thing with what the garbage play really great at great food though wouldn't even drink and rant its an eagle and I love that idea. 8332871037. What is your go to drinking drunk. Over food via the coverage might have to be one golfer again this is a visual wiggling your so brio lighten it maybe not going to be at a couple things you know yeah I'll take it or the next morning like any something that's it. That my friends have had a go to. When she had that and over you know it was big class of Pepsi with ice and the hot dog and that's that's what she did every time. Just think about it some of the sugar in the comforts 8332871037. What is your goad to dry food. But for me it's any kind of breakfast any thing. To be still make the skillet scrambles and like Denny's are powerless sheriff and it had to have hash browns and eggs in that she's so asset is she vital. Myself sauce or melted cheese cheese sauce you don't whatever cheese sauce they had I don't know how they made it. But there was so that that was my goatee thing for Sharon. It was made a magic powers doesn't keep passing out on and on a our former C 3328710372. Escondido. We go to Albert Albert what is your go to drink and food body. So a lot of coats and best comic yeah I don't want to get up edit these human do with or without actually stomach. Would doubt that there have been some hot one putts here and held a difficult thing I got caught out in your debt. All right solid Alberts got it down and I love this reading this your favorite drunk food grapes. It played this girl. It was straight and I'm bro bro listening to go right now at a pizza well no tacos and up the great dude got a hot. I don't know bridge. That's grew into that ELE trade you get a and you know what grade you get home or a right he'll tee creed and it and it. Yeah back in the aggregate credit frankly the genius among Clinton did yield equally. Long leap year lift it. Heidi you know as a man you're right our. I think your body let's go to Florida and C a dealer. Like or don't drink yeah. I didn't get on the hunt dined at home mom hi Lauren. You know important well lawyer and. Now's the perfect time talking when Marvin would drinking food. Right trends. It trends in north park trail what's your favorite go to drink and food. Albert. Yet you're sober person at night in one of those taco stands here and I'm not a very much. In a minority of any of the Bert Jones. He asked for sure for sure.