John's Fly Was Down For A Picture And He Is Mortified!

Thursday, June 21st


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One have you realized. That you took a picture. That thousands of people could potentially see. And your fly was down the entire time. But if that picture also became the person who took the pictures screen saver at other computer. Well. If that scenario is also a possibility we'll let you must pay me. Welcome Johnson in the morning Obama 37 KM zone so if you're in your car. And you're thinking to yourself maybe even seeing an outlawed. It's a good job. What we will do this doorway just a more on maybe this can explain a little bit about my psyche would you agree to him. I saw lots of things but yes struggle at this went ahead. I hit I got called over yesterday at Johnson is happy hour at the house which it still it was a blast when I think the entire staff. At the house casino and resort to put on such a great great party forest hours do it again. A group of attractive ladies called me over Saint John. You were so nice in to the pitcher with my daughter wanted to shall deal ultimately really cool although we think so too. Heat heat. On the PR TP. That turns away why I was down the entire picture. In its well. You know who knows how many other pictures I took with my slide Alba yeah thank goodness replaced the social media source in. Police that disagree from. Originally Canada. Now here in east can't eat a beautiful walk right out tonight. You guys thank you for coming Colin Edison gets Avila talked about as I was looking at a picture. That one of my girlfriends daughters had posted there's a picture first inning went giant curse my eyes though this slide down the. So there's a picture of me that was on social media in my flies there and it. Do you understand is that one of my worst nightmares come true right all right well. Like every time embargo on stage I always. Do one quick check. And I just just now he didn't slam wafers conversation your thing to a quick check right now because I'm so self conscious. Your dying day yeah. And so I'm so embarrassed right now what do you say that I mean is it obvious. It was a little bit out. I always going to be doing what. No. Yeah I'm in the two did okay and and showed everybody that she sent it to me so weak dollar and up happy day. Happy happy day she was also kind of the appeal by the way it was my screen saver and yeah embedded Disney World lately Disneyland lately and I mean anything else that could have met any how many times. I'll I'll say this has there ever Bennett time before we go on stage to do introductions probably including tonight before contentious. Where I ask you to give me the once over to make sure that that exact situation is not going out is ask and it's like their worst nightmare country when she said that I thought she knew that for 12 tells you some of the shall be the pitcher and boom there it is. Why you laughing because listen because not you that's right and years ago. On not someone that we were refused a picture of me for a Mexico trip is there are some joke screen savers so I know what it's like tad. Two leaders are something that's not the same thing and it was it was. It is a perjury your brawl. Was hanging out there now be the same thing but it I have is that it popped up at the Google wouldn't embarrass you. Would that version journeying at least you weren't on commando. Right. Point. And to maniac.