John's Father's Day

Monday, June 18th


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What are you looking at all affect my daughters yesterday. Who are not too old to do a few things. Remember how much I love Father's Day and they were marvelous to me yesterday. Wheels but the date together and also forgot what San Diego sun is likely accurately they were used to it because they both got somber new look the same your face is on that did you all forget it or how well. I put fifteen sun screen on I thought that would be enough apparently it's not I don't really feel so's in my daughter's in her hand or or sunburn Larry are you read a crooked neck. I was pumped about my father's I love that day so much. And I mean seriously hold a if you do your job right dad's a whole day just about you right exactly exactly you have something in your hands felt my panel adorable daughter Julia Donaldson exe clean her room. Which is huge by the way this obviously president not an eight hour stint. She be mortified if I told you that right now the so tolerant that you know I'm go ahead and put this on FaceBook level you're trying to carry. That people concede that adorable. Adorable option. Give you an avenue. While she was cleaning her room she found eight and art project at her kindergarten class did called what do dads do. And it was assembled into a book. And I haven't seen this since she was in kindergarten Juliet is now known to be a senior high school. What did did you by mrs. crohn's kindergarten. C.s are Chavez elementary school Madison Wisconsin and Julio was how old kindergarten kindergarten solves that five just five years old. And now she's gonna be eighteen she seventeen now. So that was what twelve years ago what did dads do. By mrs. growth in our class for. Paid by Julius super cute here's the drawing its immediately various things my dad makes dinner and he plays baseball. He likes to go fishing and watch the bears my dad is funny I love my dad is like right I'm also very. I'm also very proud that Julie had some very nice penmanship. Because hers was very easy to read a mama. Gonna go through some others and I don't shame here but some of these kids do come urged guardian Xeon. Who is obviously very embarrassed I see is that what you are big knife and that one is Alec says that got us so I'm thinking that might be my fishing all. Yes or orally Indiana Jones I don't know to have a big dead and a big Saber of some sort. BA but I was I was so prime in seriously I was trying so hard not to cry looking at is so cute sharp some of the other pictures to kindergarten and this is others is brand in my dad read his bike with me. He plays games with me too he clean our house and likes to rest a lot. Dad's ago gather I love my dad. I mean. And kindergartners John I just learned how to run their awesome as well look at this it's got some issues and I think might Alexis sleep might like to wax. It might get as a wax sponge Bob barely spoke about this body here problem it's while they I'd buy you probably right yeah my don't like to wax sponge Bob he helps clean. I can't read this and he goes to OK let's go look good luck in the that would be Sophia Ava Sofia with everything uh oh what's. Yes yeah they're yeah. Hearing of Cingular Sophia now I am of the lake appears seventeen now. You think your wife says but I hope your your you mean this was not the some costly thing. It's absolutely beautiful and just keep peace. Yes we have degree. I am evidence lead to real Julie this is this is I don't know what that moment is so cute Juliet when I was a child when she was a kid in in in in this improvement. And I'll support it she could Jimmy be an African American father she did. She dropped. She draws all my add all all of my self portraits. You know as an African American yet which is fine it is Indians great focused on his opponent put his cards up on the wall India us. You do progressively get lighter guys are told that I. Anyway it. Thank you drew and I hope all the ads and Mohammed. A marvelous. Old darker skinned I mean you know. Not your read today I I guess yeah. You know we all agree it bothers him a little fabulous and it would agree that the whole C a I'm trying to get to be a three day weekend. But president proponents of full cost.