John's Dad Reviews His Harmonica Performance

Tuesday, March 20th


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So as special day when the patriarch joins us my father himself John's senior hi John I'm sums aren't my dad why how. Did you hear that got farther up the. Everybody. Who so you don't. Mind just how well John now see someone you and your record finger. Dad saw the video that was posted on here so n.'s FaceBook page and I don't think I've ever seen you share a video that we posted before dad. I was kind of honor. Or it could be you see I got over 2000. Either. No I didn't hit the they say. Like he has something like. I'll put it like voluntarily and throw a bit better. Juniors here is a tough. Resolved urgently do they have a right to life out there. Highlight that wanna put it right up there so I talked about among my mom last night and she's had GS it was their time on your hand you could teaches a politically harm. Better than a lot of motivated them to their pennies. I thank you putted great I was really impressed. Thank you now and you don't write me interrupt you for second godfather. When you watch this did you go back in time to when John was in the basement with his best friends. Playing air guitar on broom is with his long hair. And did you think you know hurt idea. Really no home. I didn't really know how this was actually gonna become something really good. For him well I'll tell you had done always hit repeatedly and it looked like a microphone. You know my hair rod or whatever in that is not a body with and that they give up but he's been down here and make you know I'm a bit but what can you do. Get off. DJ singer ambiance in and a harmonica player you do a great job to thank you very much. Mom tells me they're Cuba. Now you've acquired a whole radio a lot of those. I have a few well yeah you need more than one they're all different keys it will big ones I know people. They are darker Nevada Veronica I guy I know that I know no I don't have a big Iowa yet they allegedly got to go but I love you thank you for for your try to. And for for having over 2000 lights that's a big deal for our nose out there aren't they there when you blame. A lot of my girl Iowa love YouTube toxin is happening here in the that was. Yeah yeah. Yeah.