John's Crazy Day!

Tuesday, September 12th


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Welcome examines him in the morning about describe a day that I had over the holiday weekend not this past again but the weekend before that's along the economy to recover from. From my food my day less two Sundays ago. You're about to hear and Kia so I would Johnson in whatever their morals dazed him I now get ready I have. He hasn't buckle in OK this is gonna be very energetic story okay this is exactly. Almost verbatim what happened to me OK and my day started out. Pretty much like any other normal holiday Sunday I was super excited because I got to go to the Del Mar racetrack is the first time ever then. To see the races believe it or not I should've stayed home because anything could have gone wrong did. First thing I wanted to do was take the trolley never done that either sell. I got the trolley however I got there late and had to find parking parking was hard to find ice rain did. To the coaster got out of the coaster was lucky enough to get to see by the window unlucky enough to get a seat right by a baby with a terribly. Dirty. Diaper like the entire car stick with dirty diapers now. Get to the racetrack when he got some cash but my cash card in the ATM machine it gets stuck. Don't know what to do find a phone number on the side the cash machine decide to give it a call in nice gentleman who tells you how to get hard. Out of the ATM incidentally if you got a paper clip. There's a small hole right underneath the car dispenser thing you Jim in their blink card comes right out. Good to know if it ever happens to you get it blind I was looking a gift to her club passes never been a turf club was wondering what everybody lying ahead jackets ties. Tennis shoes law I had a collared shirt I was wearing shorts. And I was not allowed in the turf club got to Wear pants and we'll supply with a sports coat so what do I do I jump into work and I hot but the marshals to its advance at least that's the deal 1699. Appear in any way affect iPhone practical the uber. Just left my phone in the previous Hoover I don't know what to do luckily at a friend's phone. That'll be over driver who luckily was. At the racetrack really patrons back and forth. He waited their forming. Problems self. IPhone and it will be a sports jacket cool type comic to upstairs to my first that reach my hand in my pocket the money gets what money back in my shorts put it back in the Hoover I left them there this guy within the biggest in the world because. I don't know I am. And again I shore cast aside and go home there's no way I'm winning anybody today on the tonight. Haggard and I'll let great. He can't well only men that's not only a piano up a.