John's Christmas Surprise!

Thursday, December 14th


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Settle this debate because it's raging right now on our studio Christmas laser lights. Lazy. Or just please give me something help receives more time this holiday season. 6195701973. Giant Tammy in the morning. And Jared your pot stir because use started this'll only Jerryd not a fan I'm taking it of the laser Christmas lights on the street lights or your house. Yeah you know stream some people that incorporate those respective traditional lights in the figurines incredible. But benefit people that take the later look outs and not sit there and I got some early. I decoration that you supply I don't get it. I'm not a fan of them personally and might dot org honorable agree but hammy it and that wolf incurred decoration let my personal thoughts. Mike oh OK I we're gonna plug the debate for a little bit because simply I somebody and every time. Great that Chris speer in this feud he. His daughter became that day early. Me another day and said can I pop them like come on. As merger yeah. But that's true getting into nine. A law I the finish shots fired on Tuesday and I'm Charlotte cancer act. I'm gonna drive to your house. Plus I by the traffickers to Diana Reyna and a bit about that yeah. Italy's economy abbey I've rubbed off on you when she says I want to commend the studio and surprise my dad I'm like Burbank. Don't be here doing a debate about lights and Christmas spear at eight tent. I've done it. Why because I thought just opened the door just are such abuse and she's filming and I saw you Abby. With herb but I didn't recognize you at first I didn't put it together at last check cause we have an expert in like we have a lighting expert. I'm an expert but are right you know what every let's take your take on a what do you think about the laser Christmas lights sleazy. Are crying crying yeah I don't like him as my time original one batter via aren't so good we got your are you okay. It's a shot clock from guys do all we got the holidays have been since you've seen this in every one side of things giving that I mean this wasn't expecting my daughter to walk in the door cuts to your. It's I don't you think you'll cry LD I haven't been the first hit at all and color why are you crying. I love it those college going ahead of what's your favorite part of college so far. Freedom you know who lives on Larry yeah a lot of may have grown up yeah a lot of learning. Anti right now this girl always mean that I shouldn't call it was going to parties which because we see when the library which is driving to work from. Its economy on your my daughter because that's how things I was doing when rain I think when library once. In college just use the bathroom yeah. I can assure that's what I've got to putt well this is this is awesome and taking on Al. We've faced a lot of most of the okay how hard he had to kick it. Yeah me. Seriously I can't believe I didn't wreck you measure for I guess because I'm thinking. I'm not thinking you're the one who's gonna exceeded analysts see no no I had no idea that was literally bouncing off flawlessly and Andy Andy comes again so it is a surprise dungeons. Here everybody knows but you know so you're you're surprised Julia and I are so I advise my pleasure our costs and rain did you. I'll what does she do she cried I. Tall and she's out in nowhere server section about. It quits numerical. Few a welcome desolate it is all. All time does your hands now yesterday I think in my view an open channel announced very tired yeah. Here's a tired.