John Took His Daughters Back To The House That Built Him In New York

Thursday, August 16th


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I can't even begin to sum up what a great trip I had. Again I got back yesterday after a terrible day of travel with I guess made up for the fact we had a quick education you gotta get the good and the bad but. Anyway it was marvelous and I actually during arm very big unexpectedly over delay in New York City which by the way JFK airport. Am so legacy of big city numeric keys even better report while. Food choices and fifty dollar breakfast for three people speak of me now. No booze no drinks 33 breakfast if one bull bull meal. Three chocolate chip pancakes and a plate X fifty bucks thanks anyway that was the bad part this is the great part. Well here we are after. A very busy morning of almost on making our flight. I've real little layover a delayed flight in the New York City and he finally got some New York City. Pop pop pop while she was that it was due to a New York City went on vacation again critics and just five hours into a New York City for you want to. So let's talk about some some highlights Starwood Julia. From Julius juice. Already fifteen better than a tabloid magazines is to be said the Julian my little baby is going to be a senior in high school next week is the first day of school him. Well not bad part was the meteor shower and because I got to hang out my cousins and watch we'll she desires and then various loan giant financial and oh. So our anger is seen. Yeah she's here. We hope you'll I don't know I don't know if they're now at war and friendly and I gotta love him. Funny the things that stick with the us. Pardon upon. Vacation of like it. Public you have just an. I mean her car. Why is watching people go home videos. Normally you're alone. And just hanging out and relax me. So we launched a home video. It's sand it's the very end we've never been to processors aren't you see it but we have. And it was caught on video that. Unlike doing your New Year's Eve and yet there were for me the highlight was taking you guys in the house that built me. What did you think about 736 hightower away I was riveted on side Julia what did you think about when I went over the guys who live there and it starts out you know. I thought this is really awkward. But always the cool part. We nameless and said John seven years I think I make that would have made me. What nine years old. It's amazing because I have such a vivid memory that data my dad met with the basketball pull up and guess what again this is true they have the same. Basketball backboard and hoop while you have to understand this. We're talking about not San Diego tunnel Rochester New York what this no we just. Coldest areas in the winter the weather the vet who is is nice where it's the same hope I even asked the guy that is that he's now seem seem little smile. Very L still working condition yeah that's crazy anyway and it took them there and think there's no way that group is still up. And it sure was we pulled over. It was is great I walked up and asked the guy who's who's waxing his vote. I asked the guy if it you know had a conversation with my daughter's coward in the van just like a little action there are my job was a daughter that's typical of you doing buddy I sent them on the John and in the Jones of the game example and we talked and a he offered to take me in the eyes stands to. Nancy weirdest. Post now. You know I mean anyway I I is I had such a great vacation and yeah it was marvelous.