John Thinks He's The World's Wost Harmonica Player After Hearing Carrie Underwood!

Wednesday, September 5th


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Well my musical career has completely terrible crashing halt traffic. Various our ally now you're just all ears so good over dramatizing some curious what this all out all real Annan a called us over dramatization if you must but I have become the world's worst harmonica player I'm not sure if you heard this by now the story kind of broke. In a weird way last week. But I really didn't give it illicitly seek honest to goodness. Both years paying attention listen until recently end on miserable because of its. Obviously we bothers Laura yeah. Carrie Underwood. Killing it top. We can't talk Tony there. Guess why he gets worse. Adolescent sex classic am surprised this Carrie Underwood I mean. She's a she's a great musician we all know that why shouldn't she is picking harmonica completely the blues master. Well she she admittedly can play things by ear and I had read about this that she wanted to practice so she practiced in her car. That's what you did children's I was instructed to Dubai and yeah. Lose men harp players throughout the area may see your trailer half the time here anyway cannot move and take out your Monica start practicing which is how I learn how to play piano man the one song in ought to play okay. Carrie Underwood absolutely. Murdered that sets it was so good listener play Amanda yeah not quite like this. Let's. Eight I didn't like it big reds a look at some worse when I did. Closed loop few rude so who couldn't that's Johns. Are not appoint his car. Self taught just like Kerry. Did Kerio into it. Learn how to play harmonica late shoes worn. Eager anybody else bankers who strongly worded it for me has been somewhat erratically. And she thinks god is great. We weren't. Right practice practice round. It's a natural. Compared. It's hard. In an in a serious crisis I always ask. Up and coming musicians intimidating is to walk around Nashville with every bar every quarter every stand. Has a brilliant musician on the trying to make money in your trying to do the same thing how do you go to work I know in a person might be somebody out there at that can do this. While all you're doing that since. I quit. And go backward Trader Joe's for at this moment. Nothing physically wrong or that no other you've gotten there is now.