John Sucking Up to the Boss Backfires

Monday, October 16th


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So produces dipped his big day I'll tell you guys anything yet because finally you did did the leap frog on me now finally I'm gonna take. Be proactive here okay take down so we are usually they average is down and get boss Kevin on the phone tomorrow yeah. Color boss right now Kevin Callahan. Who hit a did you do something wrong I had no no you see the acid and. Exactly why am doing this and the public he would think is well and seeing a phone call for me which is why Iowa producers have to get him on the other hand aren't currents generated three aren't just for a wanna do this I know you'll have been in this mine to not jump on board. It hello good morning boss Kevin. And more importantly don't anybody else they were all my guys but more importantly happy bosses Dick. The first I'm John and Jimmy input or just after wishing you happy bosses day. Why I'm calling because I'm tired of Tammy always being the favorite the beloved. And I thought I'd just run producer staff has jumped over that bridge by the way. Everything she can't get done which Kevin love's either way I'm not included in the picture how. I'm tired of that. I'm I'm starting now with my blatant but kissing happy bosses day it now thanks to being. So what we can always strived attitude to work harder for. Well I appreciate that a appreciate the call. Kevin asking where your gift list. Yeah there. O oh. I didn't know that it would give Joseph what. Well I thought this was the right to noted I noted that. I bag these gimmicks aren't at least. Now you're. Going to nice closing bid. I don't know a little that would be helpful any visa Abbas you could run that meeting. All am oh my god god hates meeting so all bad I do all we not only get off your phone knocking off and on top of your country and notes on my cool enough we have. Her boss on the line in the producers. When are you joking obviously right Kevin you would never of hand the reins over to the meeting to me. Honestly it could be a really good idea we talked about it and a couple weeks ago where everybody would be should take a shot. I like the idea pilot Kevin yeah John you don't have to worry about no gifts no current you're on the leading for Canada's is different happy bosses day right. And producers stepped Hebert tiger to see how long you laugh oh he has so yeah let's let's do it. In my allowed the same as the Persian rug in this meeting IC meeting adjourned know you. Lol yeah seeing. What you secret hidden agenda. Don't approve it before. This this is gone horribly wrong do not look at prison since I'm not gonna do the agenda for you that that's a oh right I know I'd be able to go. And of slower doodles on her nose. Let's do this and then I'm gonna record it still we can breed of tomorrow's show. The blade all the kids are no matter what happens when you blatantly but just Jon. You get more response for me. Man yeah and they Kevin. But other than you had it at 10 o'clock. Expect an agenda by you know he courted by. Well this this is Iowa had plan but did all right we'll have a boss is doing him a and thank god everybody today. But it was but. God as my witness and they were created an agenda in my life for anything that clock. I'm serious you know what's next time dominant colorful fluff stuff you have to bring this next thing you know that chemistry in the event. What started off was as a blatant attempt to meet a butt kiss our boss on national and bosses day and bit me in the butt. Because now I've been charged I've been put in charge of conducting the staff meeting today which I his spot on the night. Don't look forward to and also having to put an agenda the my boss was approved by 845. I've never written agenda in my life I've never conducted a meeting I've never been a vote boss this should go. Really well for me in London. Welcome to San Diego's number one for new country PS only John and Tim in the morning. Her phone number 619570. Number 1973. Patients and notion Salazar Shannon. Yeah that and your honor here I've hit yeah I care that you have only our little own agenda and why your good work and you're. Right so mr. counterproductive to the job I actually have do you think. Might an eye opener like I need you on the radio I'm not making me and. Well he can just stop posting on FaceBook and he has done for this email when he's on the air and then tell my job. Listen you're no help you be quiet over there Shannon. Help me out here thank you bush another bless you for your call can you help me as far as what you put on the agenda item never me out agenda for anything in my life. I number one every yet. And I kind of complicated. I guess the needs and comprise about the need it. You know I'll get a good idea of a possible appearances. I thought I'd start out by asking her British or something nice about their weekend we always are so business focus on these work meetings I wonder why a lot because firework. I don't I I Arnie and being out on a positive note and that happened here I agenda like the last one we are. I'm I'm you got an idea and hope little late and then. Yes she is talking about the police will be good that we brought to the show and I'd be greatly to start the meeting off the Lincoln may stretch that's like fifteen minutes of the hour meeting and then make the. The last eight minutes is kind of packing everything else you're in charge John so you don't have to make an hour long meeting here right. And I have bought and remember aren't. You know you got that Don not know what are you have that. I'll do yes you do lose and apple isn't nice and BS in LA Owen and I don't have us yes of course. Wouldn't be Christian isn't Le mesa hey Chris what's going on. You. Exporting. The number one could be wrapped. Thank you member should you wait it. Don't expect from scratch copy of a lot that meeting. Minutes. And then you can see from the air what didn't get any stock. Egypt and why you're having to go completely. Opt out and figured out. That's great advice I'd only see one flaw in that. I I I delete all the minutes we get an email Thomas yes they have. Aren't back IQ what are your cohort. Amal likes and who will lead now and. I. Co worker. Somebody else decides to let her up every morning on the gas. That's what's for a team power. That I get that email if she did you deleted. Thank you for that really appreciate you enjoy your day all right let's go to Anita an alcohol O'Neal would your advice for John at this writing the staff meeting. Guy up top. One prevalent yeah the opportunity viewed that. Would mean you're meeting YouTube caught up our. How somebody load event and all I DE PMA do about it well. Eject that report out. Then yeah the department. Oh produce picked that that there are many think that they need a record they get that opportunity to report. And then you touch on all of that net that you recap. The peace. All the peak but that you. That they may be that bad that it's something we're good at. Listen I yeah we're giving us awesome invoice here. Are you get patent that. Point then bring it. Points it is a with a bullet point boss okay possible appointment. Thank you for your suggestions I would have got this I handled this is going to be the best match ever and yeah I mean. And we're recording it and breathe it showed tomorrow morning your staff. Like just read this.