John Said WHAT?!?!

Thursday, March 22nd

One of our listeners caught something John said during an SDCCU commercial today that didn't sound quite right. 


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San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS so it would Jon and Tammy in the morning you know wanna wish everyone a happy world's downs and drums day today. That was yesterday. Was yesterday. It doesn't matter itself that's RA it's OK to say okay it's it's awards yesterday and I are which yesterday yes it was all over social media asked sorry remembers it in my hand me and Debbie. Hillary much of your for a long time we have some clouds and some sprinkles and eventually we'll get some rain later today it. Our farmers can't do everything in my mom's sister. Okay yeah I mean it just came out of nowhere she's a singer RF IPS on dot com are canceling NAFTA even relevant at all that. I might have been able to be had jumped to the what the all important weather here in San Diego's. All this importance and I notice I notice. Bryant did. You're just went from Down syndrome data having Brittany and Debbie was like. And a couple of I wanted to make sure to a couple things out during jot things down clearly my notes for from yesterday. Is analogy John I actually have a great on hold because he had a bone to pick with you you that there is something he's abroad and one of the commercial Shahid. Which commercial. In legal product ready union. Nene and me you know I love my ST CC I know there are none of anything out. Is there a huge client as well let us hope I did it on the Rio and I. But no I don't want hurts just feel I am very. Knowing him a hero said first both my daughters must ask me to loving the fact that they're working girls now that I'm her own checking accounts their own debit cards from SD CC you. Our rights. That's Greg what's up what. Coming up that felt Johnson accused his words more carefully. Because he just stated that both of his daughters are working girls now. From now on our staff is like I get a little thing market may all your anger old. Hey you know what they premium for dollar my family's here. Very well until I'm joking of course yes it was icing on the go wrong choice of words but you don't you know what I meant to. I understand what you might not like I'm other people may now let's pretend it's a library you take to both my daughters have jobs to. There you go thank you. When you first I thought you meant because he called and girls and women oh my god they're working women he meant that you were drams. Things ground I I don't you could maintenance bless your heart stuff. Mobile PC over there and oh yeah I mean there's not a religious. Heard this this morning tears are women's college. To where now the staff is not allowed to address anyone as women. They don't want a gender center at all it's a women's college where it cuts and why. I guess when he rectory become more and I don't know. But yeah that they've changed all their stuff now it's like I it don't get it at all what my family members went to an all women's college it was called a women's college. My sister went to Romans high school of it was called and now a woman's high school right now. That's gone now but yeah Jimmy Howell is it that you have the most advanced technology. That we can download music in 12 we get a camera on Mars in yet somehow we are getting more stupid right it's how is that possible. Now. Working girl talk after the show just. Our amber she's like an eagerness to look at it Amber's coming in next she's got your adjusted their rode the stagecoach at 910 and John 10 in the morning. Thank you to listen won't be so I think he has so that.