John is Ready to Quit Fantasy Football

Tuesday, September 19th


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Do you think your partner is stupid. There's more that. We're letting fantasy football affect his or her mood. I speak from experience. I am not stupid person that gets affected by a stupid game. Welcome the Jon and Jimmy in the morning and Cindy was number one the new country KS ON. Yeah. Sweet lord almighty every. That's why do I do this why why do I do my career and knowing now you're in what for president for legal past three years it's it's four leagues it's eight it's definitely three leagues too many. I'm starting to think it's four leagues do money I started up on one I just have wine in a Marty fresher hits. I as one of those out there where rural family here and I'm including you was our key is a loyal listeners as part of our families on the sale hi I'm John. I. And I have a problem. IAM apparently addicted to Tennessee football and affects my mood in a stupid because of that okay. Every crisis yeah you do I am jumping from a couple of years ago a couple of years ago really know your role to be the couple years ago and are you ready for this yeah I don't. Then we quit tennis football I think I'm done it is December 20 seconds 2015. And then we'll see how long that. The fourth of too much pain too much sadness and loss but 110 of one point it was their point and has been half a point if I lose but I lost I won and the pilot my decimal point. I'm out there on the north at which it is either getting back. A hot mama gives donated and yeah. I. I wish I would listen to that I lost last night. With all the respect to our general sales manager or director seals Caron yeah last year she went to zero in fourteen OK not win one game right portraying lost her first game last weekend she and her first victory ever against you meet you know why because stupid Brandon Marshall. Kid doing his job alien alien alien way what so you're an event we can have a whole thing and you yelling because you're pretty elite eight all right. What did you get the 72 timer producer staffs have seven seconds to vent about an hour before they get deep breath and you're. He knew I should never address the Brandon Marshall who draft the second string receiver on the New York Giants this guy hasn't played good. Time. You feel better after subsequent events here's my problem with this game we your renting an event and Imus observing. Do you think Brandon Marshall in the locker room today. And his team is going hey you bring and what's wrong policing kind of downs in our man John have a good idea working yesterday and it's always is more simple. The second floor because he's not doing that because he's got a life it's a stupid game if you take to catch the ball well we will what are you can't educate I want you catch. They understand carbon seven hired gun and now alas this is my last your offense. Right down my last year I'm done all right let's see if I'm done today and this is my last year today is September 19 2017. Okay I'm done playing mixture this egged on what this might last the whole state is my last season the fantasy football. On what day. On this day in ninety not in 1970. Okay and you were done with fans I am done writing down reportedly heard a recording of course we are out there that aren't. I know some other immigrant Marshall feels my pain. But you probably Smart didn't start. Your goal again I know I know there are so stupid. He quipped I have to put its disease on the end.