John Practices with Morgan Leigh Band

Monday, March 12th


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Well my nervous Monday continues because we have actual professional musicians in the studio with us who are also friends we have Paul Morgan from memorial event as tricky as against us into law on. I'm now congratulations on the big headlining gig at belly up this Friday thank you down. Mean I apologize in advance for ruining your show. All the time and let him off first of Boris you're doing the whole show with the money you're gonna do ace on a couple of Zelaya. So I don't ruin this note. But John I think in in my opinion Morgan Paula I I think Jon is stressing himself out he's he's talking himself out of it instead of taking the challenge and going it doesn't matter I'm having fun and learning something new going to be onstage with a -- and well. And I think you perceive that but in my defense I don't think I'm psyche myself up I think like come in with a song I think is pretty knowledgeable and and and you can tell what it is in all you look at new blank stares. Some guy guessed it was Bob Dylan I'm like oh that's was freaking I don't know it's. See you took on the challenge you have to do it now right as you guys can probably tell me very nervous though I know we talked about doing a Beatles song I just can't pick up on it maybe I shouldn't but I did pick up a little bit of piano man. Do you think you can do you guys are currently guys agree you can pick up behind the right things that we don't want your show on Friday yes do you know it's kind of yeah we're gonna something perception we actually try you should try okay and it starts off with. Against the. Dvd did in his. And being good again. Being and then by the isn't perfect rendition piano's on the immigrant was and it starts off with us. Who think that I knew I. By the way this might be what it sounds like at the belly up on the front of him and yeah. And I. I still sitting too well you're missing we were all playing on a thing. Well it's. So yes this is this all be doing now okay Friday. Please drink a lot before you come into a while you're there in all seriousness you guys congrats on the headlining gig and your very excited this is home. So you got your hometown crowd and they'll try my hardest I swear not to ruin the Sanofi does I think is also give. And very able and. I'm. Okay. Let me. A little thriller you begin to. Ask. Our run in 150. I was picture yeah. Screeners to who as you know we're.