John Makes His Daughter Watch A Scary Movie And She Hates Scary Movies!

Wednesday, July 18th


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When I get scared. What do I do Tim you've. I lashed out here arm out and hits and yeah I get my first reaction I'd I'm not a fighter stretched imagination lord of I can't remember ever hitting somebody. I don't think. Anyway. I I. I just I'd I'd I'd I cock my fist as if I'm gonna punch something when I get scared and sometimes I actually swing at me almost got in the chest once and because she scared the cost. Crap out of me Harold studio. My daughter and two Julia yesterday. Did that Meade jumped out of my closet and I darn near. Soccer you re right there and we really skimming he had a laugh but here's the reason why it was complete payback. Have a confession to make I'm Obama horrible father and I've caused my daughter sleepless nights because okay. Last week she was at my place and I wanted to host the movie hereditary and went missing military NBC in the trailer. It's beyond. Scary scary that trailer and I hurt my friends and on vacation go see your edits there and it's that good he got Agassi or Terry came. Julia doesn't like scary movies especially. Scary movies that involved ghosts. For whatever reason I thought this who don't get out like not rightly ski area more like a thriller like all freaking yeah so I. Told her that's what it was like called. Eight it was a complete movie about ghosts it's be it is eight. Terrifying movie about goes Mike port daughter walked out of that theater. She. Hall she's. Will just listen to this conversation this happened right after she scared me. Julia I totally almost punched you. Arnie. We think you're not sorry at all yours. Is this is payback for last week. Here's a deal why did you agree to go to see a movie that you clearly wouldn't be scared about. You missed said that you and make you pancakes. Not to say. I would make it pancakes anyway via but I said you know always make it to be better to introduce you richter after. Functions and and that is one more thing they got to push in the right direction. It was early at the very and what movies type movies scary the most movies about ghosts. And they're pretty much couldn't have been a worst movie to watch if you're scared of movies about ghosts. After and I and chief what's been happening with you since we've seen the movies and here's. All I've had to sleep with some lights on and music playing and he had to share in this are you being constantly is directly because of that movement. Julia left the movie in what did you say as we left that movie. All I had to hold onto the railing as you won't have to here's the highlights are shaking so bad that's a 100% in Jamal and he said. That we can have seen Incredibles to look at the kind of father. My mother used to the same things on my mom loved scary movies to console war but she would make a school with her wanted to see it. That's the only reason we Atlanta writes I try to talk tour and tiller was that big a deal. One clearly knew. That is what was scary movies of the year if not the scariest movie of the year she was trembling. Hand and we welcome you should punch yesterday caught up does he. I think that opposed. To allow a thinly I you're not exaggerating there stuff. She literally did say now I got out of it yet but she said that I'm looking at that. My gosh she's my daughter she's only seventeen at an adult now unleash she's seventeen. While I'm no doubt vampire movie with my mom when I was. Why out here. I had to keep the lights on zero out there and what other way you have not seen her renteria in you like scary movies go it's it's had its a mind twister though. It's it's due for conversations afterward by totally recommended if you like in the scared. Julia does not as it turns out.