John Makes Good With His Daughter And Takes Her To See Incredibles 2!

Thursday, July 19th


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Well I had a horrible giant heavy wall parent shame epic fail last week where I eighth. Insisted I take my daughter to see the movie hereditary. Thing for only one reason I wanted to see it I love scary movies. And she doesn't matter of fact. You heard this yesterday when John was talking when he felt like such a feel what I'm Louise type movies scary the most movies about ghosts. And they're pretty much couldn't have been a worst movie to watch if you're scared of movies about ghosts. And I pray and I and chief what's been happening with you since we've seen in movies and here's. All I've had to sleep with some lights on and using plain and he had anticipated and this are you being constantly is directly because of that movement. Look I feel so horrible day here's how I felt even worse because we left that movie she's like she was shaking. Traveling is a better word race and she said to me. I couldn't seem incredible statistic to do now cars are exaggerating a bit yeah but it. I did make good. And to produce credible to yesterday and today like another. They now deeply disturbing horror movie you know what it is shocking turn of events she actually enjoyed the incredible you. As it's a very enjoyable movie with no evil. Soul sucking ghosts and. Yet no it's a great movie I was excited when I got the opportunity to see that in and in a preview basically and I'll colts will be heading now really a charming with a watch your daughter as opposed to the one. And failure dad took Purdue last week yeah but no what was your favorite part about Incredibles two. I loved it I and other female power in it obviously after. Was this is shocked and no one was when he apologized to his daughter and he says of Baghdad and yet soldiers who Purdue calls. It might have a might have figured out that during calls saying all right and not do during the you've got to. Well you made good on and you may get better and that's a good thing that's a good agreement on by the way I have this incredible Julia yeah. That that bench harming it short movie that starts off its its. It's kind of gut wrenching it is it's very sweet in its first you're kind of try to figure out how. Where it's going. But it becomes such a wonderful moment even my name my nineteen year old son who went to incredible to me. He was like. How has relic. And I felt it too because it's about a mom and a sign and I was there with my son so that part got me all teared up just when you cut you up with incredible talent and dad daughter thinks I'll just when you think you're too old picks are comes out and puts that movie on Vietnam. They remind me why the Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie stillness.