Is John Keeping Up with His New Year's Resolution?

Tuesday, January 16th


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We are smack dab in the middle of January and that means that by now most New Year's resolutions already them broken. To that level we got back from our holiday break we decided not only vocalize our resolutions. But give some viewers as well and then. All hold each other accountable through out the year in check in periodically to see. How were doing in the past or going to do right now so producers staff has a New Year's resolution right to keep her kitchen cleaner. As far as the countertop and the dishes in the sink. And because it's a visual I can just like he's a lawyer last night no no no no liking video posted on FaceBook like I did last night any case you guys missed it on time. I wish it. Cleaning out all the way and it. It. Quicker if tree maker is accurate news and be happy. Yeah Claire. At the end of every go to not a dirty dishes and yours again night going to bed with her kitchen clean fuels guide. He from this is so much harder than but when you wake up the next you know I don't you. Don't you hate waking up in the morning with dirty dealing her kitchen I can't stand it via via a just got to find a way to keep the campus and I was definitely doesn't bother me. Honestly once you've done it for awhile but next time you forget it will body is just to have it yep I'm trying to make you do have an out of it can't be helping. I think a format among trending negative the between you meet him that he thinks can really keep this helping you feel like healthy she's interest in keeping it I don't think she. Here's I think she will I think once she has a couple more weeks would be nice every night and waking up in the morning with the being good. I think Shula I your husband well you've already admitted. To having just as many nights of this is all over your counterfeiters. As dishes. And I believe that's what you guys are here at the resolutions club the accountability club aren't and we have a little people that enjoy work harder poke. Out. Keeping people accountable for their New Year's resolutions. Alfonzo good morning Al yeah good morning. And so Alphonso how do you call made a resolution and remind us what Thaddeus. I would have tried it yet when he new song that I can play on guitar. By the end of the year okay why when he spoke because Larry have about ten or twelve of what I learned in school that ten plus one equals. Or. There. Except a double check your work thirty and didn't it didn't hear you want thirty songs by what did end of this year total. Cheryl that makes us ten each one out there and I bet they recruit and then they're like go play in. You know Clayton where they may give you that would be really good so what have you done to start on this what are you doing to keep yourself account. Ball. You know I have my daughter this week it was daddy daughter of and she's watching something on TV and I'm playing in the song. In Utah actually since they wouldn't pardon. And it's so used I have the alcohol Butte park. In the itself the words and the chords and they're all started when you hit this little arrow button and it makes it's going to get a bonus if they have this in the eighties. No agenda that I wonder harmonic has that as well drilling on until harmonica. And you know I was thinking about job apartment not to have. How well. Total kind of the mother tell you in any clues mental toll Alfonso. That's a task. I think even had my first lesson yet. By the way a lot more my my complaint coming up in moments and said he was number one for new country 137 DSL and they go off fonts so is a singer. But once to to branch out and actually perform like go to clubs and and he has some of these like when you're having happy Al that you listen to but Doug didn't really have. Didn't lose nobody get there yet so now he's doing that and is is doing quite well you know as producers deputies and kind of put the guitar down once a while to get up once in awhile. And it's sure that's sure can still doing it though don't make her feel like forget it I'm not gonna I'm just gonna quit now you've got to keep Bonnie that's right doing it yes of doing what you guys want to do it. Have been don't want exercise but they make themselves do it because they know they hot tuna. You know yeah they can Laurie how are you. Did look. And great hurry here. And wonderfully last and we check to you were on a quest to lose. Fifteen pounds. As your resolution this year. At the minute. Okay how's it going so far. I think Aaron actually weighed in officially on Wednesday that I didn't count them. On nice job. They can't can't can't stand pretend that they were presented it to them and Peter pretty neat yeah he's he's he's spinning have you changed your diet at all. I've been eating a lot of cars but it's really hard for me Ian and Kurt and I would like oh yeah he. And yet but attributed the break about not even with a balanced. Or whatever yet able to achieve that one like the currently. Not gonna kill me. If you're on you're doing just fine. So what are you just say she ate that that had a craving for something sweeter car what do you do to see a shape that so that it keeps you from just going off the rails. Oh okay and. Well they went and went right past that don't offer athlete that was put religious content into. Since Obama is that he's mellowed out a lot though I think that it's really for me. Wanted to generally out talent but I really wanna earn up unannounced and I'd be really cool out and let it sit. I have to consider how myself don't do it again. If you all are now using curry went off and I have a parent or husband. A little bit about the content within a week. Lord don't worry about that sounds really you've got this thing well under control. And again eight pounds already in Wheaton years only two weeks old are your half we are more than on the math and in my halfway there already jam. Out of the league free use of the words he she who else is impressed with yeah. First vice president why. It's Asia hitting it Jesus say I can't have it so it's interesting so this all doing it this all started because I on the air announcing my resolution as he was to learn how to play musical instrument how is that going. Well my first lesson is next on tea Selanne. We've checked in with a kiss and loyal listeners Alfonso and Lori and seeing how they're doing. On their New Year's resolution producers staff also. And good for you admitting that she's back slid a little bit when it comes to keeping her countertop clean but videotaping in documenting its we can hold yourself account pets are super cool and now it's my turn I had not an expert is joining us to. My New Year's resolution was a learn how to play instrumental in helping me right now from Suzuki music right here incidentally is. It accurately and say hi Gary. Gary it's nice to meet you think we're taking Tammany visited my pleasure John I do have my body from Suzuki here with me Darren Stanton and I'm very rarely do and I Daryn nice city of Al Damir today you brought me a eight. Yes you'll learn to play harmonica and five minutes. So literally start the clock is that right yeah only gosh talk to me let's go ahead if the right way first thing and it first thing you need an hour is do you don't suck and blow on harmonica. You just breathe through it breathe out on the bottom four holes. But on the line. Or holes may not unload next tier web. Next whoever did that this is the bottom as the top bracket laughter I don't hear it when you when you play this brief. And then and hell. Do that several times. Rest. We hear that did I hear out of position or not think it's interesting because I think the average person would think that you. You would blow indoor harmonica and so does breathing room. Makes it. A lot more easy I think well a normal person wouldn't be. So musically inclined to pick up on Michael I would Tammy. I had no idea let's see how I do my first official song OK let's call it. He's grown up you're gonna pop stuff live through it exactly right. Then you have a this first time. In a most. Then. The moon the. Well. Is this. Wu. Listen and for use. And and cancer. And Gary and Gary are her Suzuki news. Take for this gift and you're gonna give away any some harmonica that's right we have a box out of three are Monica's in this stylish case okay good he's good Suzuki Mon G harmonica this is our flagship blues harmonica is to speed our great country great for rock and roll great for blues music. And there's one year warranty these things are great for any kind of stop here retail value on this set is about 210 box blah. It's. We're giving it away fine yeah. To get lucky yes and if you really lucky that's terrific thank you guys can thank you so much for trying to help John expressed or Gary. Nice first attempt to wait till I get really good it'll be awesome right view I'm sorry if you're someone who is like money to played her moniker you do play the harmonica and also time to call to get this beautiful box set. 6195701973. At 62 re beautiful Suzuki harmonic has the money G series and three of them as as as Gary mentioned over 200 dollar value. If you really want these and like to win them pleases him mention call right now 6195701973. That we can jam together man. The musicians turned. Jammed together her. Tricks her.