John Joins A Fantasy Football League...AGAIN!

Tuesday, August 28th


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Sorry if a bit disheveled today I was actually here in the building. Of the late last night for a fantasy football draft for us here at work what's wrong. Hang on a second a work fantasy football league yeah hold on do you remember saying this but quit tennis at the ball a phenomenon it is December 22. 2015. And we'll see how long that last Arrigo. Hi 2015. Well I think I was talking about quitting my big. Like long time since college league would idea innocent you know any decision when to quit tennis football I think I'm done. It is December current Tarek out about 2015. And and didn't you start did you go back to that league. Did you have acted out of down double into leagues now but yes I dig at. This guy and city quick that is heavily into the league's it means to me I do the problem I seriously do selling the drug addict yes it does do. I stopped doing that and still do it. Right anyway I dread seeing part of the work we now I am while he here's the deal I got tell you why. In the segment we saw the biggest fan boy dork in the world and I pray and I hope. That the members of my offensively are listening to this right now and we have got. A station in the building now called 973 the fan yes. They carry the Padilla Padres yet. They also employed a lot of young dudes to come work mostly what's wrong nothing okay they've they've mostly employ young dudes. Why haven't met because they they are here in the afternoon and night and we're here in the morning so. It was great to meet these guys put one of people that work for 973 the fan is Tony Gwynn junior oh. And Tony Gwynn junior is the things are nice so when I got the invite you understand. I grew up playing baseball. In Minnesota. High school ball there worshipped the Minnesota Twins and Kirby Puckett put my second favorite player of all time was Tony Gwynn will report its best friends and certainly the ball passed away now. I had the opportunity to lead the it the honor of a lifetime of my career for sure. To sit down and having a ninety minute conversation with twenty wins shortly before he passed away I'll never forget for the rest of my life of the fact that his son is in my fancy. It's mind boggling to me he looks. And more importantly sounds exactly. Like his father so that's why I enjoy it and I'm not so I can't. I get and I had a great night of Greg calls me of a yellow dog you know Greg dogs. He's like a got a great deal for a split Tennessee and the fans league again and housing come out I think I'm note can you just told you I quip like eight times that Tony Gwynn junior. Is it meant I have to be in and even though Tony works in the building here again. We don't get to see him because we were different shifts he works afternoon does its talks on the afternoon show on the on the fan and we do our thing here so we'll see each other more you know ever so whenever we leave it just immediately wanted to wanna Vernal mixers once and this is too shy to do it completely and not a I don't get to work hand in only you know Campbell it's it's it's our eyes I was just don't called babe are trying to cool last night. So when Greg who's nice and upgrade here at night he knows all these guys he's a have you met John. Any that Tony Gwynn voice Tony Gwynn junior with respect voice sounds just used as a and I should walk on a building but I am I have a lot of a it is Tony Gwynn junior it's great dude he's easy. He bust your chops arcana like hey talks trash here he's an athlete. And he also bought pizza wings for all the golf is not. Is that great did that is integrated I tried. And I think I succeeded so hardened in in in being cool around all wanted to do was tell much admired not only his father obviously his career but even Tony Gwynn junior hit a respectable careers major leagues. And he's got super hard to be a less on the alleged Bryant. That's salaam. It was so yeah I'm fan blowing out here and his alma I'm an fan I say like five of my friends. The the list of owners in our league just make you see Tony. That's fine with me ideally we'd probably need a coworker. And I rhetoric iWeb or super senior or that he does she should look up to meet. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry dumbest thing ever there's a lot of dumb they don't match up a anyway so pardon me I'm launching a bit but that's what I got back and I give him that I cannot I get a.