John Has His First Gig with Morgan Leigh Band!

Friday, February 2nd


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He's done its lord and an orderly man now. On it Morgan. I was listening Monday morning and I heard you train her Monica home again and you mentioned that you wanted to perform lives I deeper not to mention. It yeah us where headlining at the belly up on March 16 and we want to opt for you your first kick. Some say the Monaco at that. Grace I think it'd end amount to write all these. It's a month and a half in there is a song that John can learn by then that he could play the harmonica with you guys correct. Absolutely so stop trying to get out of a moment. March what it and headlining at the Billy up. I like to get new clothes I have to start working out everything as an excuse you're opening you're just. I don't know. And that coupled. With. No I think it's great there's a song you've learned that you could play comfortably in six to seven weeks John hop. It's Friday their no more so than XP colonize. Does not. Judge first. Yeah. Natalie and Morgan. That this was an EU does randomly picking a know it was that. After hearing on the she'll remind that you think you need to get it. I'm not kidding I detected the band and I said did you and your dime playing at the lower house. Today good job they do. I've just learned that I had to say it doesn't hurt me a look at. And die it would be of malaria and you're not android is not illegal aliens. Then let's marked down come on John you've got people to your. Irrigation equipment is this is like tomorrow almost did six or seven weeks away. A month if you do it just aren't held in just a week imagine me injuring six actually I've had alerted the small world. In like a day by a privacy yeah is already I have six you have six weeks Donna do you have a song picked out Morgan. I would like to shoot at him Ike Wheeler. Who. About that. Don't allow. You have to do it. I feel the after party. Yeah. And pre party and after. That put names on the list what your actual band member and you can you know hold things right into the public the pregame meal. This suggestion that there. I'll mortgage I accept this will be fun. Yeah. They give so much more like you thank you so much I appreciate you listening in with the we're really sweat band playing next. Next to our necks out XP and Alia. It opens up your last show. I don't mind the things that the killer so is it. I'm argument that's the poison gas I do not think it they'll let you.