John Gets Mad Like Dad

Wednesday, June 13th


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The good thing about dad's is that you can do most everything and their dad's gonna forgive you because dad loves you add by easily get angry easily get mad and today I'm going to be mad like dad Esther your first you're gonna confess something to me. That you did as a young child. Maybe not that young child. And seemingly get away with maybe it didn't but it it did and give you an opportunity to call us and make me mad like dad and Esther your first. I hate to talk about my grand and I would object cheek Jenny. And aren't I I EJ. I don't know I got our our my credit I went only gotten you don't win. It went. I kinda and you know I get it. I know and it happened to running DM. And I got it right back yet but aren't I'd do it period. We're starting off the rough at that podium madly dad Esther. Sit down. When you look at you. So not only. Did you go to Mexico. As a young child. You get the fight with your girlfriend she ditches you in your stuck alone. In TJ. Only to find a stranger. That you may know to give your ride back. Esther. Do you know what could've happened to you at. Did I work all this time to send you to school. Only to make stupid decisions like that Esther. The only thing is I love the faster so get over give me a hug thank god nothing happen to you. You're punished for your 35. But I do love and departed you and I got mad like that. That Matt this is part of thought well it's not my child. I mean gestures are grown woman now and I'm probably has grossed out to diligent and I don't I don't offend anybody but I could've gone horribly wrong. I get mad I get again this time for Brian Brian what's up. I east issue car windows live below the break. Oh that's it just taking a gun and shooting cars. A I would make him mad about that. I don't know I just I guess tell it like shooting saying I used that there are a lot of rock a broker actual engine without rocked the word. Post cop bad but I. You never got called for the BB gun no. IRS ought to get mentally dead again Brian switch right now Kidd Bryant. Did I go to college. And work five jumps to raise a moron. Really doing. Let's list the possible things that go Google wrong shooting had gone at a car. Peak can even imagine how I tick what you love and I break it right for your face just beat cuts. And yet Brian. You from me you come from me my friend my boy and the reds on because you've deep draft. And what to do because I didn't and so six they have a Sunday and the aim at him about this wait until your fears about this area now. At that you cannot. Them to Israel's Brian I'm not your father but if my father was having this conversation with me and I told my dad. That possible to windows of the BB gun McCartney. That was like when you were sixteen and in my forties now I would just now be a little while just now. People walk possibly. Are up over 8332871037. I got more at me I got a lot more. Lecturing India also being Barea. Forgiving he'll pardon you as I get mad like daddy 332871037. In honor of Father's Day. John and Tim in the morning 1037 KM Selanne well I decides to give myself on this Father's Day week. To get mad like dad it's your opportunity to go ahead and confess something to me that anybody I've even told your father and now is a father myself. I will get mad like your dad give you a stern talking to but it is most dads do. A wedding party knew and could be argued send you on your way maybe even give you shiny quarter for a snack with them. Our phone number is 8332871037. Katie. First go ahead double it wrong I'm gonna get mad like dead hopefully we all learn something from this go ahead gay. Young lady you ditched school. You rob yourself of an education to go across the border to Mexico well at the Katie elder you. Arnett and so how did you end of keeping that from your dad that you're not confessing it. He actually. Out. On that I went there and I like Eric really deep. OK I am sorry cater to amend my dad here airman are so many violations here. To return real mean of you too pro am down the Katie. Do you know. How many things could have gone wrong on this ditching school to a Tijuana. Platform A check sometimes. Not so attractive things happen in Tijuana when you're there without some of the knows what they're doing Katie. And you'll meet you get out of school that I work thirty Ford jobs. Ballot that I had a walked all of them by the way kitty yes your mother shall tell ya. Does that work those 34 jobs so you can skip school school that I have to pay for my own two hands and then the you lie about going to the dentist when he didn't know how important. Proper dental hygienist and this ridiculous thing. Kitty go to Europe and I love you but I'm I'm I came to the right not to worry about what might have happened not to mention your teeth grow school brushed a brush. Keep your Franchitti of target on her you know. I'm a news of our Jeanne good during Silva I kiddies go on the I feel like I am I indicating. K okay way to Wednesday's quake led let's give let's get you got mad like deck and that's what's going on with the. I greatly elements why people for the marching band yes yup I turn out not yet. I learned that in eighth grade and what are they terminator locked up behind me at an appropriate thing we're locked back in front of me. I slipped stepped aside hi not that you don't hate our exit. Can't afford it. And cruelty win lose or pool a is there and when. I am gonna get mammoth debt right now the year ago month. Glenn my daughter assaulting a young man. With your flag pole and color guard. I know he says something inappropriate to you put your mom and has bigger monitor to your mom and I agree that this is a league can't have happened and is it your mom leaves the room when I'm really Italy India. And mom's gone OK pig went great job. Listen nobody talks nobody talks that went. And it went disrespect you like that you take a flag porn you've freedom it's a salary jumps so prod you coming to me on. I'm not mad I'm glad like dad. What I am nobody talks a mile went like that nobody in. He's lucky I didn't hear it bailout was a flag pole buddy. What you kick off when. Who don't you wanna be a stupid color Gurney wearing out. When your mom comes back when he teller of hard I was on you okay. Our current crisis handled via the stepping down and have had been dead for along time now but my daughter's generally. SARS and no messed up too badly I am heavily lay the hammer down that rate Iraq a great ago.