John Finally Quit His Fantasy Football League!

Friday, August 3rd


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I have. Breaking news. I finally. Quit. My offensive football league what I'm telling them at the Holland Louis they've done it. Eric I can't. Now you're a couple years ago we use edit and just got actually has the audio now saying it to your own way. Who quit fantasy football I think I'm done it is December 22. 2015. And we'll see how long that lasts through worth it. Too much pain. Too much sadness and lost by 110 of one point it was their point and has been half a point. I lose by I lost by 110. Of a playoff by decimal point in the I'm out who's on the north that either data that. Have you back three years there I think about that three and a half years ago well I'm out I I I actually. Any varying. Sensitively written email. Good might lose a law. All these guys that is league with as they early nine the hour this that your longest deal and saw I just ideal that is not in new anymore and last year was I was I was gonna quit last year they taught me in knots and I had a miserable season and I'm sure is because my attitude. They used to be really cool event right fly down the Minnesota and we have a draft weekend was basically we draft for like two hours and party the rest of the weekend it was a great. But I just you know this is really as I'm trying to in his new chapter of my life you know I'm trying to light not spend useless money anymore and had to be honest that was. Kind of a you know. Without my dollar weekend I don't really shocked that you completely inept and as for all of that just blows my mind I really can't believe that you did that well. I'm still two of the weak sauce. I so what I'll be so luckily I get crazy yeah crawl before you line up I NIC what I yeah. I yeah I still of the work week here and my family the La Familia Lee and of course that I'd I'd be ex communicated from the Italian family that was kicked out of left that league so in an orderly gonna start in with a with a shares you. Are. I know OSHA called me. I think. Shut Brad yet married to that group of guys that release a live here worker Lincecum and producer do you think. He called me easily due to recent fantasy this year and any sound like he missed me so like. So you quit one that started on the U. Are back to zero my friend and you're actually sort of all are coming in here yeah up. Read and write that could be a Friday flub up I quit fantasy football. OK I guess I didn't. Let me restate that I quit the big fantasy league had been in the nineties right and started to bring it won't be. I'm not at this time.