Is John Breaking Up With Neighbor Gary?

Wednesday, October 4th


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Get ready for this guy's hello hey guys look good as. Another extension. A neighbor's cat every. Tell today's adventure with neighbor Gary is gonna be entitled. Neighbor Gary gets a stern talking to. On our. Our. Neighbor yeah I guess what's. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be from only meet the whiny meaty part of the show oh dairy what did you do little. I don't know I didn't think having I'm defense sitting here. Actually neighbor Gary it's not what you did it's what you didn't do. No board which you forget to pick up Johnson and her forget to pay back something and I don't think it is or is this weekend. What got my birthday is this we com I'm told I don't. I don't buy some new outfits for they let me know if that's. Neighbor Gary. How many times neighbor Gary. Have you listened to John and Jimmy in the morning. And there can I don't look at me guys. All mine she's her own. This is gonna get this so. You aren't the neighbor Gary that we feature. All the time on Johnson in the morning as Cigna we call adventures with neighbor Gary right. Our program that you are that neighbor Gary. Yeah so you're aware that we are playing you on our show right now. Is all. But all that you are not aware of this come about to tell you. That he beautiful. Member of the United States navy was in the studio last Friday in all she said was I was hoping to meet neighbor Gary. So she didn't like that. I'm flattered by that to be honest so flattered I don't know why aren't that you would never bother listening to your close friend John your close friend Tammy. Your close friend producer's death. And an incentive that jingle then maybe your re not your cell. Don't give it to him hi yeah I don't you know what we're gonna start to summer because we have some neighbors and do listen. Let's say Darcy I don't know twelve military sojo and let's re do the junior golf. Another adventure with a cooler neighbor Darcy asked. These days it Dorothy and you listen every morning. But that's stung them. A little bit you know I don't know why I I feel bad they didn't think it would ever come out fail it bit by played a large. Over the weekend I was telling about this young woman and how much she enjoyed neighbor Gary and he's like I'll have to listen to that one daily me was that because your show all man. Never once and I know I can verify this because I've borrowed neighbor Gary struck over the weekend and guess what trying to turn the station it was not present. Yeah I. I mean are you kidding me. I mean I don't have any excuses for this I should let and you got a great friend. I I do feel I'm not a country music and so. You know I. Officials life scary a real I need to have a conversation yes I don't matter what are easy if you listen to him. And hit me yes he had to back me up I mean if you don't on the weekend and I am here right here and there. He's attributed German boy however like radio. Are going to work. I well I listen I need to be out by. Understand that that play makes sense. Right now for right now we're just gonna change digital for a little bit until you actually called Wendy can I heard that on the show you. From now on it's gonna be yes another adventure with Dave Byrd dire. Mean it does if he's he's there than get everything. I. At. I could hear and consider yourself a probation my friend and don't make it have to be double secret probation. On now I wouldn't want to I listen today at progress. If we if we find out that you're lying about listening this be the last time you hear them. Good day. You think you know again I didn't think you know again taken from my kids' mouth that's what you're doing. It's just going to just go ahead.