John as the Boss for the Day

Tuesday, October 17th


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This sentence yesterday cause a lot of turmoil in my life. John you know you could say. Leading that would help be helpful and Isa bus you could run our staff meeting. What a horrible do. Welcome to John Tammy in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country K as Selanne are you able. Do you think to leave your company in its staff meeting IA didn't think it would be that big of a deal. I was horribly hook hook it if if if if yes it was national bosses day I was just trying to kiss my bosses but by them being the first on the showed it was similar. I had a bosses day he intern. I turn the tables on me. Turned the meeting table on the quite literally and asked me to the staff meeting in of course. Producers staff headed gym microphone and everybody's gone by the way wasn't very closely to who's the actual boss of this. Meeting. Hall I think you know check out the. Oh well OK I figured it for a for joining us on short notice. My nose Arnold's staff they've meeting. And I know it's not something I normally do opening up the staff meeting that is where everything that's like are obviously all. Are you. Oh this is funny because when you're doing right now is is connected to a guy acts I don't know. I'm not into the. It should go on record by saying I'm not very fond of them of meetings so. And in my defense a seven iron to him a bad employee but all of our meetings happen afterward done. And it it's hard to focus afterward don't want our show because we were too hard on the show we agree with that. Yes how my plan. Canada caught. A nice way trying to get out of it mr. Maxwell oh yeah. I'm not there to propose cargo what I was on my phone like John Clinton usually is during our. 38 unit on an outer we know how it might undermine a whole lot of people feel them. Warm but today's a national losses and I offered to the economy actually cabinets needed. Conduct the staff meeting today lessons on comfortable and I am so uncomfortable. Or national boss day is something I'm not that normally. He used to. So I thought it. I thought we'd try something different this morning I thought he didn't start off by everybody sharing something good happened in this weekend suffered a positive note. Feel free images jot outlines illegally bought. Okay well wedding this weekend and it does what it dumped a listener. Whose applause here to try to help you know mr. And I spent time by the pool and carried out the. I hung out with friends I haven't seen in awhile is that. I was at Disneyland in ninety degree heat. I was like a 100000 of my closest friends a mile and stadium. I got to judge a custom content. I'm an analyst Greg on Saturday well I went to Disneyland got stuck on two writes it was awesome yeah yeah. It's yeah I also saw friends that I didn't seem a long time. Very nice and now you're delaying your meeting let's get to that number one agenda that is. Yeah leading business I am confident in your play and still flying high tide I had to you always complain about. We since this just isn't wasted to the Oscars and talking about boring numbers and blah blah blah you know. Stuff like ratings who care oh my god. And even give him a highlight on a job well what do you what would gun him I thought we could. Can use this meeting today to discuss teamwork and team building and how we haven't heard back. To previous. Adults are at it that Sony suggestions how. Is it that. No suggestions so this and only read starting. Well I think it would be good idea. If he's good. Can look at it I'm sorry. I I'm realizing how hard it is actually conduct a meeting. Without people. We can see it. Not being up there and oh yeah. Maybe we should just let the actual meeting person conduct the meeting and Alison you're in and listen attentively IL is due older brother rob Henry is. Maurice. My boss rain land yeah and lasted rather and our biggest boss Bob that was upset because he had gimme five bucks a. I'm that's a popular data that's opposes backseat I even go at least five minutes I said no way. And I appreciate your. Confidence cement dumbing down. Now that you're trying to help. Richer and by the way when I said the that was bold above the and the jurors that as it mean we orbiters back I mean I was just trying to BS my way through the yeah. It didn't among. We all could sell me out OK in an hour and every parent I never one to do it in the first place I was just trying to buckets it just goes to prove don't be a what can say. Yeah in the but we're not quite you know but I think.