John and Tammy's Food Fund is This Friday in Bonita!

Wednesday, November 8th

John and Tammy's Food Fund will be collecting donations this Sunday at Bonita at Donny's Cafe. While you are there listener Leslie will be there with a way you can be a part of her trip to the South Pole! 

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Food fund apart who brings us to be a full blown neat town. Literally for Tebow needs and we go to Donnie Donnie. You won't really well Lou thank you for being our host a donny's cafe it is Friday for a second food fund a no problem. Are you prepared for us to come on county and raise some food for the C Diego food bank. Yeah I think we are yeah I've been trying to tell the public everyone's pretty much aware or at least the people there are going to be here. That's right that's right. So looking forward it got to be a lot of fun. Donnie what is the best thing you sir besides your coffee because I hear it's fantastic what's the best thing you serving your cafe. If you can't remember the holy spirit. I. I'm we do everything we do really well that is seasons in 23 years and had this week it's my wife and I felt. It's back to the old the old school. All while. All of the originally started from scratch when he three years ago. Actually I met my wife got the gap that I stated 43 years ago and rapidly after that I met my wife yes she is a latte drinker. If if you build it they will come. Yet this year Dan that that we get the the yield seat. Friday will be be you get to check it out it'll be nice it's we have a wonderful community here. Can't wait now speaking of community. Last week not just Carlsbad the North County. Raised over. Almost who oversees 14100 meals for this annual food bank. It is awesome and that's what a challenge I'm throwing out to the entire area if you're any rule or are we need. Bring out some food some nonperishable stop Peta voters king to quote Jim Florio you see little illness in Gretel yeah for sure. That's what Jim Jim says I've got to ask you guys to bring one thing out. It between about it's because protein is the first thing people cut when they're trying to make their food stretch longer sell if you can't get out there please remember to get to TS ON dot com. Where were going to have our virtual food drive and that way you can just make that important donation in feeds sandy was hungry. But we love to hang that we get such a great party last again village kitchen a pie shop can't wait to keep it going it donny's cafe Bonita road Indonesia. This fry that look. Can sort of media person Donny did so I checked us through that as well all right but you do take care think it here. Realize that Donny take a break obvious he's very busy right on out doing his job during breakfast and people ammonia. Let's go to Leslie let's get a really cool story and we're gonna meter at the food fund on Friday. But we want people to get the opportunity to come out to registered to have a postcard sent. From Antarctica I explain that. Her uncle thank Peter got into an outpouring I would elect it could be a poet teacher through the national bank abbey. I had actually been traveling but I'll Kool Aid and out three weeks. On the type I haven't you I. That's so cool it is cold yeah. How excited you are. Yeah I'm very excited and I didn't agree that the. Well I'd that they are now used sad that people can come in sign up to have a postcard sent to them from the shelf full hot they do that. I could be bad news and I'm right here at at beat bringing apparent that the current happily do I have a record that they can read a quote there. They all keep bringing it culprit. Like that it that it would work but I'll Colbert people wanna cut by the lag that I eat that they go to camp there are now well a lot of. That is so fantastic Olivia donny's cafe and moneyed up on Friday morning getting his money canned goods we can't for the city of food banks and really looking forward to meeting you Leslie and in hearing more about your journey. Art redeeming human angle but people come out and I mean that's why it got the poked. Bring a pawn of food literally ton Debbie great. Again last week we served. Almost fourteen I'm sorry we. Got almost 14100 meals donated. Need more of your health unfortunate lots of hungry people military families working. Kids to a school hungry can't happen can not American I'm 2017 you can make it stop. John Denise food fund all the tales canceling dot com it's also where you can donate for a virtual food drive if you Friday in Colonia.