John and Tammy's First Ever Happy Hour At Viejas!

Thursday, June 21st


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So last night we had a very first ever. Com John Timmy happy hour out of VA hos it was so much fun it was done so well you're so our goal isn't to show up I can't. Telling you come. I am pushed hard. I do I get worried because it was Wednesday it's the middle you know liberals got things going on. We have such a nice crowd mend some new friends. Had some familiar friends there as well the appetizers. Were all great thank you create out this is gonna be the start of I hope he tradition threat because we had such a good timing giveaways so many tickets all these great shows during the summer at 101000 tickets. Played some pot she ball got some sun it was a blast yet. It totally was in the end we had a little chat on how others felt and what we should do next ladies ladies ladies. How did you feel about John into Amy's first ever happy hour of V cast. And then I yeah. I think that was successful. And who's planning on going gambling now. Efforts as Cogent and a plus all I didn't spend very much I just you should jointly forty putts with are the so yeah did you. And analyze and probably at twenty dollars yes I agree that you get lucky. Did you like it was a. It down and started in. Yeah. We don't have to do this again don't we. Yeah like a team these girls and yeah. Home Obama not leave John come. I out. Could you see with a slide on it. My job actually do it do its happy hour and rain yeah. Thought. I like how. John premier cutting I have to say I feel free for the moment because they're like lead to a team means happy Americans they were so excited early. Did he do it just happy irony when doing. And then click pic you set what I want to show up to the island. I. Makes Germans that would know you're. And I yeah. You're building on a guy's guy. Man's man. Hello I'm listening. Clearly if you wanna party you wanted to be a party atmosphere invite more women than men the dudes that regale us they're all guys you know Arnold called good guys a world Brothers guys battery dude like yeah. Arizona last last night really was fun it was really fun to meet new friends and meet new friends in and continue our tradition of meeting up with ones that we know well too. And the cool thing about this was just are talking about this earlier this week we have subsidized crowd last night at the house casino resort let's just think about what's good we have will more time to talk about it Gibson plans going I make this the tradition and we'll let you know when we find out and again thank you to the house casino resort for being such great hosts for John and Jimmy's. First happy hour last night the first of many we hope.