John and Tammy's Christmas Surprise!

Wednesday, December 20th


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San Diego the reward for new country one of 37 K as Selanne. I don't feel particularly Bob humbug is the producer Seth thinks that we both could use a dose of Christmas spirit and yes she's she's been a little annoyed with the issue is certainly much more in the Christmas spirit that I guess we have been. We're also on FaceBook live right now we have no idea what's going on your own is legit this is up my daughter come to surprise me again present them last week we re trying. So I know this about but we're supposed to have of Christmas surprise coming in any second live. And I'll. Both Clinton look okay. Eyes. All my name. Yeah. Here. MI component. Right they're all my guys and of them here. My goal made. You know. I had GA. Hey but I had. Great band aids. And. Yeah. Game. And why. It was beautiful we. What are yeah. First reversing. You know that. No I'm. That in Illinois opening day at genome. Jane I'm. Well I'm. Well that is. Fabulous. All right please welcome to the studio canal from the was for Miller of course part of his church choir from rise city church. That wasn't awesome surprise hey you know really really nice view of I love substituting jingle bells and your car keys and an. Yeah. I think you illustrate well thank you producers to happen in the us. That was fantastic on the so they came in today because they thought maybe someone else might need a little cheering out. This holiday season if they don't have a Christmas spirit so. Do you know someone who needs one do you need one will call you right now in give you some Christmas spirit music. Polygamy yeah just 6195701. At 97. Net three. And we'll send someone some Christmas carols who needs real cool with the community Carol O'Leary was it so we're. We're just talking about our last couple days of shows before we take off for Christmas break. And we've got a unanimous decision that well at least I do with a bit of my favorite initially and we do was it was for mills illusions we're gonna play that on Friday India and then you guys is popular and always when he got Poppins. And yes there is a crazy surprise what's the church again. Right city church where is that located east definitely excited right now and we hear great musically that every every weekend service every week at 9 AM and 1045 that is that Mike that's my kind of church Iowa hey. I'll just moved out to lakeside your beautiful piece of property and you're loving it out there are in Ohio. I am loving it we're yeah we're out out the abilities I get to Wear shoes that leg match boots and I get to have chickens and stuff like that again. And can't reaction beginning talking. Lot of it I love illicit Unita shot it. Spirit let's make this happen OK 95701973. I genuinely feel better producers have I don't know how it. I'm okay. Okay. It was just great they had us. San Diego's number one to new country one of 37 John and Timmy in the only city in the station kiss and lambs is so excited we got Christmas spirit live in the studio I know I love it and I love Candiotti on Christmas spirit gas up a paradoxical thrown out of there frank Kyle from whisper mill on how many times. Appearing on a giant image rights and using it used to be on and his church choir from rise city church here as a surprise from our producer Tia and we're asking you called if you needed injection of Christmas spirit right healthy without. It happens everywhere a lot of people this time a year the other in the mean it'll help me this this this can do it. A so welcome to the show 137 KS when John Tim in the morning so again you're reiterates we're gonna if you did don't any Christmas spirit we're gonna show up in your ears you're gonna love. Christmas after we're done with you got our friend Kyle from was formulas here. And his status I would imagine part of this fabulous church choirs is bowl choirs are the result is a part of it okay. From all why is city church located in the lakeside and if you go to you can hear wonderful songs like this and other music I imagine every weekend. And finally got first I don't you're gonna find on this is Mary who's died downtown as she needs a Christmas pick me up I'm Mary. Hang Alley you know just this year. Love my campaign leg that trend and say there Yangon military role will be Oak Creek they're pro am bombed. In that case let's get you some Christmas spirit right now. Kyle from was from Owen his church choir from rice city church you yeah. This prayers and and then this. We're seeing. Here. Error during game. I'm being Cranston. Married. Yeah. And got a. That's on so on are my favorite road home. So was her bags. Yeah how are you Merry Christmas married we Christian either right here in Atlanta well Paula. Pinky you know it's very funny because you went into that song and pricier staff knows the streaming I was just telling John my mom had played the piano when she was a kid. My mom Katherine or she was for size only 22 but that was the one song she played on the piano. Was silver bells. And so she's like that's my favorite I was like oh man it's my mom's saying hi from I have window on Sunday he let me chills listening now. Yelling out for one more. It's really okayed we're Jessica we have just on the line hi Jessica. Good morning good morning where you calling from sweetie. And he does not feel the Christmas love this year so far. Non not Ben and I really hard in my on the actually. They keep you can get them there. And I think it's your QB and that's. Tom. Yeah. Red knows rain. I mean. You have. Good lord ballclub. Raining. All new names like fuzz face you know. Well yeah. OK okay. Okay. My job with your nose so bright won't you guys isolated now. You loved him. Now no pain. I guess that help a little bit. You need united in my mind right now. This is a huge Merry Christmas. Thank you may not. And well. I could ever bring a spirit down political wondered if Santa is all seeing all knowing how did know Rudolph was being bullied by his. Definitely yeah saying. Listing guys' health and whisper Mellon Palestinian rockets and future TV yeah guys are gladly use for about that Alabama. And what a marvelous surprise from producers stand she's always working when she's in Wisconsin can't old fashioned of the morning answering yeah Christmas you guys.