John And Tammy Take Another Shot At Trying To Win The Mega Millions With Numbers From 6 Listeners!

Tuesday, July 17th


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Wanna make you rich. Mega Millions at 380. Something million dollars. Yet 375 million Africa cash out to 21 shocker overestimate how. When we are guided you write off our accidentally walk us through this. Okay so we have six contestants on the line I'm gonna ask them a personal question about themselves. The answer is a number obviously and they'll get more in more personal. OK okay and then we'll take those numbers and the Mega Millions. We tried this earlier. And we got zero of out of six numbers. Which means you were to which I thought it. So let's be honest this time yeah Nolan is judging if you when he is a fake name is fine as well. Rates and let's get rich c'mon he's got she got and the bot start off with a Jessica Jessica is downtown good morning Jessica. All right your question is the easiest one because it's the first one that Jessica how many fights have you had with your partner. Three fights with your partner how long have you been to get a while. Just three flights in the years. While there you go make that a mega ball obviously you mull even with. You must both be very easy going Fisher three fights with valujet's Irish like I you. All right we go to Gayle in El Cajon so far the number three has been used deal is El Cajon Heidi all. Good morning how many pair of underwear do you own. Who's. A bit does. I'm mark wrote wanna cry 25 heir apparent apple. RIE a L a they'll really nice area got a laundry day there aren't really don't talk about like I got up. Drag down the barrel on their. Yeah I don't exercise makes very got pony up a case it was 325. As we go to Jeff who is a lakeside good morning Jeff. Good morning let's get rich valley we go all right Jeff how old were you when you got to second base. Well. Since the two of its. It's a 325. And twelve and we go to immediately. In PB. Hi Hayley. The daily and your question is pretty personal without the letter. What is your boss eyes what is your bra size. 032. Did you say doubled or tripled. Novelty to do. And it depends on where you by the Ronald I guess all of us. Aren't really that people that. Am I getting uncomfortable Jessica number three Gail 25 and Jeff number twelve deep field of sudden very popular number 32 ended and we don't act at. We've got O'Leary in Chula Vista. Hillary. Yeah guide how are you there ain't. Year ago all right Larry are you married or you. Not at this time. What age do you think represents the perfect woman. Good question what age. 36. Any particular reason you came up with that number Larry it is popping near hat. Are true or richer and they are absolutely. Of Larry we thank you for that L-3. 25. Twelve. 32. And Leary just chimed in with 36 his opinion of the perfect age for a woman to be. All right last person is Nicole good morning Nicole Nichols and oceans. Canada galling are its you're gonna have to think in minutes here okay. What is the longest session. A couple time you've had. I'll have a a true couple time not not like you know the leading up to a analysts who have worked. Or I. 4 o'clock 45 minute scout nice. That's good fashion that that's that's that's that's essentially a mini series that's the calorie burner when barriers are okay. Real world they get rich jets are jailed Beth Healy and literally and Nicole. But there is critical number right now I'm not gonna happen. 3251230. To 3645. Sorry those the winning numbers you write the check right now Diego lottery. Nice job everybody Jimmie dale good questions.