John And Tammy Surprise A Groom At His Wedding!

Wednesday, June 20th


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HM I did something that we've never ever ever ever done in the seventeen plus years of us being a morning show together. Lasting longer than some marriages right. We speaking of marriages were asked to and participated in the giving the bride away. At a wedding a surprise of the groom yeah I was a total surprise and it got a little nerve racking once we got to the venue because we have the hideout in the car was super super cool. So is. We were hiding out to curry now. Naval air station Coronado. It's a very stealthy very stealthy military stealthy but it stealthy because we are waiting to surprise and groomed. At his wedding and with this is Teresa she's the can't. Of the bride and also with the wedding planner and you have now pulled out earlier Harriet that's raising no I still have every stray into. She kept herself together well and she's also kind enough to let us in on some of the Stanley fight she was getting into her home. It was awesome. I was like this is a fun to watch US open and not be part of the family but yeah lots of them if I from the outside looking and by the way completely normal happen to everybody out every wedding day and like she said we may fight but don't mess with my my family all that well again you're very calm wedding plan. Or slash end to the bride I'm giving you credit for that might think you very much so tell us what we're doing here. While we are here she is surprised redshirt. My nieces and didn't seem to be husband because. He is going to be leaving home July 17 to go over to Japan for two years. We tried that he could see absolutely loves you that we thought it would be a great idea to have you walk her down the aisle. And surprise him this is a first for us but of course I'm tremendously insecure so I'm worried that. He's gonna see who the hell are those to come. When I'm not walking on the island was again the chances of that happening tonight our worst nightmares I know there's no chance. Ever see that happening okay. We're excited we're very excited to sneak in and not let him CS until we what you're good on the aisle now how many times did you almost all the surprise. Sheiks and. I think almost every day for the does not want to keep you know it was a really hard one to keep well we're excited and we can't wait to Thomas often think they over. Get married and getting marriage you know. Don't joke so. Did we pull it off was the surprising success did rich the groom to know who we weren't. This is the first for us but of course I'm tremendously insecure so -- dad. He's and see who the hell are those 20. And now we're walking on the island once again the chances of that happening to our worst nightmares I know there's a chance. Ever see that happening okay. Remember that's. There's no chance ever of that happening. John Kenny by the way being taken over by ST CC used to giving you more music this morning and they give to their community to. They support over 75 non profit organizations making a huge community impact. Two outs in India socialists and Le STC's you'd dot com slash vote and vote as DC CU best credit we were asked months ago. To walking KS it would loyalists are down the aisle at her wedding to surprise her soon to be deployed husband. Hu wa she claims to have been a big fan of John Timmy in the morning we've never done this before. By the grace of god we edit opening in our schedule and we decided let's what you have some fun. And do a first and John and Jimmy take part in a wedding as the people that walk the right on the sale. Talk about pressure how fast deal what he would do what did trip to vote surprised all possibilities. As we had this wonderful adventure yesterday. So I'm here to groom rich. Rich we have to know what is the very first thing and be honest that you thought when it when we walked out with your beautiful right. To be honest who in the hell is I. Told you. Just for a moment. 'cause I didn't wasn't expecting us we're like when it and we had a wager on this when I walked on a rich man but once you're my throat was what went through your head. How did this happen yeah. This is awesome this is the second set. I'll blended family marriage I've been in. Involved and I just in the last half a year hand IE I'm. You know what I must say something from one fairly marriages. I've never been to more loving him and celebrations. Than the blended Finley marriages it's like we're doing it right this time I mean he really can see in your guys is phase that Yemen is that. Visit sold yeah definitely. We absolutely are Erica Connell or honey you can take a breath now that we can let the secret out yeah. I'm just very scary and it was weird because Wednesday at first you know do you. The right way I got now called I'm mine yet great so like college and it was called the bad thing. The station at 7:30 in the morning and I knew their returning would be nice break but then it started getting a bunch of FaceBook messages. Oh I cannot believe they're going to be on the radio. You talk radio I admit and I was like oh yeah. Shoot and even starter who lives in hampered him. Crude knows people here recycle your seekers going to be Allen and I was like oh enriched had no idea right and it does think he had no idea and I thought personally for sure there's no way. He really keep this secret here's an am thankful for him. He's in the service and you guys have backed up for you people who serve our country. And he's owed an avid country. Music listener and I got I just appreciate he gives you guys give me an am thankful for that and also I appreciate you being here. I gotta tell you I was in ourselves and I got nervous and we are waiting after we're hiding and doing a little Mission Impossible making treated as he has risen. But once I got here and met ear hole all your family it's like. I'm home I'm home and I don't know home. If there was a mother and mom were an aunt who gave me a back scratching my head away and I was like we could stop that next week I mean I am I get off to good massage is yeah. I think it started in the car ambled view and the end dropped a nice choice F bomb followed. Up I. An hour ago on a spot as you well he had he had he helped me Courtney awaiting younger apparently yeah Albert together it's all done this thing your outlook. The rich and Erica are still together yes. All not even 24 Tammy are right and done I I feel good about that yesterday I I is that it was it was. A small part of our day in the being a huge part. A hard day and and I'm hooked Emery to more of these things come up I'm gonna open up my services to a kid's birthday parties okay permits those are you a Brady go bar in botnets was the only we all heard him yell hurt and had the talent I can do balloon animal but does amity ejecting I don't everything goes to John accused Linda Cutler departed Aniston.