John And Tammy Predict The Day, Time And Weight Of Jessica's Baby!

Tuesday, August 21st


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So just give us homework yesterday. And you have to and predict the day time and wait and when baby while this will be broken. Good to go you gotta whose first. Wherever you're so you're already in Iraq like Karl I think I'm impressed I've been doing a lot of studying probable greeting him. I think your beat your duty it is September 4. I think what's being stubborn. It in and I know you're gonna hate me for saying this tube I don't think you look at nine months pregnant yet. You don't look quote unquote ready to pop. And you probably feel like our no sleep in harper and all that stuff. However I don't it doesn't look like admiral producers step was pregnant with. Which one. And we can't go third because your body changes in the second once Stella yeah that would put we put papers beneath your feet because you're likely any time in the water could get a pass here. You're not there yet. So I'm thinking you're gonna go it's a little ahead and say that baby Walt is going to be four days late making him born on September 8. You are gonna think about inducing but he's lived he's only got to cooperate with. Walt unlike his mother. Is not an early risers on the Walt can deny that night wild child of about 7:19. PM. I'm shocked on September 8. And I believe Walt is going to be robust nine pounds eight ounces. It was going to be a big boy from time. And boy it's could be even more people couldn't be coming out with a Mickey ears on that. Art and your kid yeah Mickey ears and or storm trooper went on. Just myself yes you do it. Broke. The top is this out and touched the. Let me go. Aren't so I'm stuck she she she. Should. Start between today's stop that comments. I have a six in the tent in my head and I don't know why so I mean for some reason those two numbers keep up. And I agree with John I think he's in the united Bibi to soar at 9:29 PM and he's eighteen pounds thirteen counts eighteen holes I'm sorry elite award I. Why not show well. There are eight pounds. Thirteen ounces I can't pick between six and attempt fell. I'm gonna go with a six okay. For the sixth right. Are not going to my mother so she is gonna add somebody when you guys might get a prize of all its own IR it's somebody else could be a whole family and friends his mom going so providing the prize. Yes mother in laws provide enterprise and Jerry will be sending the winners and I hope with the good old fashioned spanking new wind job. I.