John and Tammy Meet Dylan Schneider at KSON's CountryFest!

Monday, July 16th


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Sold ten years ago the phrase YouTube sensation probably wasn't tossed around too much. Now it's it's not at all maybe. A select few perhaps new but not be more now does he common occurrence and is seen Dylan Schneider the opening act at country for us how many of you responded obviously YouTube sensation is exactly. What he is his song is killer right now on DSL and we had an opportunity. Yes Owens country does this past Saturday odd to meet bill Schneider and hopefully introduce you to him. You guys. Air ground and our opener Dylan should not. Thank Allah and your dog. Reagan won your. So there has grown man came out a sad and I said I got my alma Bob I those are seeing you you know so now obviously. An element in the even in this whole thing the past week guys in California and we delicacy shows now sign a full bands on the suns 100. So don't send your dad is here he must be so proud you how he loves he loves the mountain snow for a little while there he wasn't. Can't get a hanger that he actually owns a business loans from charity in and day. At him as a stuff there it is gonna come back out this summer and he's loving every second of the midwest boy hi hi Riley from Wisconsin Wisconsin and I am. My guess I've played songs as. Where in Wisconsin you know time I think is right doesn't Milwaukee we'll wait until. I think you are my couch why I'm not sure about Cleveland Alex Smith well we're glad that you're around here and we're glad that you got from. This wonderful crowd. I'm usually you know the beginning act is really kind of quiet it was not the case with you my friend not at all and thank you an average had to make your client is a big hearted thing you know is. NASA has a lot of avenues of things through for the past two years talent and knowing. Surprisingly it's shows I hear that people know what's. It was gonna come on it's it was put on the West Coast. Analysts in new game with Dylan's Kyra first let ever done I'm ready okay that's skins okay we're elegant yellow boots pure enough and snakes. Com. I wanna say rattlesnake skin in the right around. Do you think yes no I was gonna. Names. Let's go well it doesn't like a rattle but I don't think it's a rattle her eyes I think it's something other than around. That's very broad I'm a little nervous because we actually rattle snake. Trained my dog today so that she would learn to stay away from them and the guy who brought this makes up had a seven different kinds all different colors so I really don't know how to tell the difference is they don't always have the diamond pattern. And they're not always the curry thinks so listen who's right. Guess what California. It's a rattlesnake. Does say. I know Weiss made an. Whose parents brag about where there Greg about a long time. Couple things about coming up about that conversation that we had personal to me when you're. A young Jimmy working in the cheese factory yet did you ever in your life think I had to have my dog rattlesnake training no. Secondly Tammy. How cool is it to watch openers. Open coming ax TS one's country fast. After they're done working. Going out of the crowd you know if if you stood next would do that currently don't Schneider it probably was bill Schneider he was proposal is a huge loss him he was just a guy like live music watching your show. As a member of the audience and I just really cool to see.