John And Tammy Interview Dylan Scott And Chris Lane Together At KSON's CountryFest!

Monday, July 16th


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Thanks to everyone. Who came out in full force for cancel and the country's fastest last Saturday I've said this before I'll continue to say this country fest continues to be among our favorite event because we get to watch the artists. Have fun. And a lot of times they're schedules are so intense that they don't they can barely even. Breathe before they're whisked off to the next plane to take the next show to watch them just chill and hang out and enjoy each other's company. And enjoy the crowds and in and their fans up close and it's really cool to watch them. Remember why they got into the business in the first place and that was what was like when we got chances sit and talk with not only Dylan's got it right but crisply as. I'll be part is doomed and so okay let's get a both luck occurs when we don't Scott fat don't you know life. And yeah. I don't hi I'm good how are you I'm good hi Chris are you I'm actually Dylan. And not to do then I'm okay. You've messed with me but I know better than that. People do say that we looked very similar and a bizarre life. The beard that's the only thing you have similar in your rent. They're drinking wine on TV CR buttery shirt Anchorage our name calling him. All credit is really good really all I know I want you guys are red wine is really good tomato and I. And what's good luck and it's not too bulky it's nice and battery with you. You thought I'm. Learning blaster I know what are what I'm learning how to light on white wine I've never been a big fan of it. And I'm learning about it something else that to him isn't an excellent yes and they look nothing alike by the way don't know lol I think it. Christie silence on the stage coach how's this for you. Stagecoach was also my had a lot of fun it was my first Tom. Out there and good lord there's a lot of people out there. And here all white outfit turning colors now it did Alan learn all white outfit it was very very dirty did not still hallway towards Eugene. Leaned in to get deep deep sniff of deal in the sky I had two. Very lady like very coconut fish. Yeah still suspect I went with Eric and Dylan he had come right off the stage and I said how did you just get onstage sweat like he did you smell something. Get in here. Did you not just give me a hard time for use in the word recovery this week and you just said hope at issue about these guys that right it's my hub. Not that operate as a copper mountain we don't know it's Amma covets a cover. I think all our numbers. I think you can appreciate this just bizarre and almost exactly I was so when I got all state that would spread myself against those. It's growing and it's illustrates is that tells you guys and you continued success thank you for being your list cheers yeah absolute scarcity that. Because facets and we drink glasses and we wish them good share on a good time was had by holes in Connecticut request against anybody any listeners out there have a picture of went on Scott took off their shirts gravel and hotly and that suggests that pencil and a copy of the deal Scott or Rick war would she call on my lord. But fails well. My dead body issue before them and another show is sure publicly or not. I don't see that.