John and Tammy Check In With Former Producer Steph To Talk About Wisconsin Having 7 Of The Top 10 Biggest Drinking Cities In America!

Thursday, July 12th


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There's been a list released of the top. Drinking cities in America. San Diego is not on there but. This state where we came from Wisconsin. Has seven of the top ten biggest shrinking cities in America she ha. Seven of the cities in the top ten are always gotten some cities. We're not shocked by that that's over from and that's why. We wanted to check in with a former member of our show it sounds so weird to sail and remember of our show. Our producers down a luxury as a member producers don't remember him with yes she's the front ten years and just recently left she's a join us to give us her take. On was gods and showing up in not one not two but savvy in that. Of the top ten biggest drink in cities in America producers step leading you speak with us right now it's not a boss us around. And that's not a that's. It's going to be a humid day today upper seventies stilled upper eighties so. Our. Old kids these don't. Give us a break today. I am solid nailed it right now. He's nails dollar gear in the court. Well OK this is what you wanted to remember that and you're pop country. Producers down after a couple more tearing apart that is so many Indians. Some studies of the issue into paying her family was is that the real reason though it would Billy the list of the biggest drinking cities in America just came out to. And the birthday a little Wisconsin even I am shocked by this out of the top ten cities. I'm a list of the top ten drinking cities in America sadly enough of them are Wisconsin cities. And then of course. Well what I keep a picture up here early I but then like idiots like I got nice. You have an urge you. Yeah what I'd like out of all the people that did not have to California because of a right did it let you. Actually and yet you flourished in California you did so well that people are actually still asking about you producer Seth. So congratulations you can flourish here in expensive to live in Diego. Or are you can do so and five dollar pitcher Wisconsin. I drink so much because they'd give. All right so after CN beauty guess a couple of the cities that are on that list. All right diet. Think college and cheap. But spoke out. And ask how. Mean Oshkosh got you know there are now maybe it's time to realize that constant Koch honey oh. Things never change. Madden and yes I got their man isn't there. That green being made London's the shotgun. And why is you budget is wrong. Oh. Okay Ethan. So prison staff lets us since this is clearly you're probably already drawn to the discussion again. Slowly the producers staff fans what's happening in your world right now you if you forgo on the hustle bustle of San Diego. To move in with your sister for the time being how how everything yeah. Well currently you might Ann and my brother in law are outlet that call wick that's hot so I met all right outwit byte eight. I am policy details and. So the older and working today is your sister correct but it turned out word and it got away I was gonna say she's one of my. However they ask her how many. Are in your sister's house at its maximum capacity. And is sport Donald. They mean and cute guy I add that my friend and her what holes we might Kamal. We. Are up a bit deeper or and execute that art that and a couple but our gear and they don't. I have dragged down sides are against noticed that things are said though was pop in our dealers. This week first called and I. And I. Miss you too staff emotional and final season we're six back the. No glory the back again soon producers stuff not saying you know. On this and buying the whole point is to release her beer scene 945 per time. I don't you know I had my drink whiskey would John Rich just a few two days ago I don't morning. I did well was the one Roberts and I had to try within hearing it was the morning so why not utter some have a cut off time with that like our our start time. Like I find it funny you can go to breakfast and people will order a bloody Mary. Or romo's so without a thought. But if somebody says can have a pocket club sort of like a little earlier that is DA is what's your law I mean what's what's what's what's your role with that 8332871037. Power at least shortly is there such a thing or do you have a set rule in your head. And has to be after this time I always wonder ramp early flights at the airport now walk by the bar crowded with people at the bar like at 6:30 in the morning what is going on the on vacation. Or they just need to get their drink on. Amanda is Italy I think Amanda. So what's your role when it comes to drinking yet like that. A set time for starting does that depend on the situation. I don't get up at bat and the body. Egbert that maybe you got it got next week it. Working your. Heart. And zero. Yeah yeah yeah I have big you know. Paul is in the San Marcos at all right and Goodman thanks so tall I wanna I wanna ST a quick question when people like want to brunch or breakfast. Where they have alcoholic drinks and order medalist as a bloody marys and no one blinks and I. Why do they blink an eye than if it's something else like a beer or it like Scotch on Iraq's Scott's ex. What is several little difference. Probably probably tell them look back and bloody Mary's where I have a morning during. So I should have a bloody Mary at 6 o'clock at night you are would stick to edit in the morning. It's a really good question and Tim because booze is booze I would imagine sure is and because I mean I wouldn't compare among most of to a Scotch on the rocks but. Definitely I mean you never hear somebody ordering a bloody Mary at happy hour yeah. Yeah most part it's a result of warnings right right but if it's Scotch on the rocks it's the same amount of alcohol is if you do a bloody Mary and how is that poison. Alicia wanna double it's a single port on the rocks found okay and what it should protection protection perception is everything is and it's. And what is your idea always Eric can't offer a start time free 2 o'clock o'clock o'clock anywhere in the world that's running up. And I and I don't wish she has forced you if war on vacation yesterday because vacation there is no sense and quite open market it. That's exactly right I remember. I just took vacation I was at the airport coming back. And I had 8 o'clock flight out of Minneapolis so I was at the airport about quarter to seven. To get everything situated and and and sure enough the bars packed ice of their orders from breakfast and and guy next to me seven on a Greyhound which vodka grapefruit Jewish that's a breakfast drink and I asked him where he was going. He's a Houston my vacation started is now. Oh OK okay and. Let me don't know a story and here's the thing that's just as much of a breakfast. Streak is in the most widely up a story actually tanning habit the story he's a young man. Who doesn't particularly like flying in blanket policy on the flight so he uses that to help them falls on the flight I'd call it to the historian John good enough. No.